California governor backtracks on student mask rules

July 13, 2021


The state of California is backtracking on the mask mandate it issued Monday for K-12 schools and has signaled it will let local school officials have some control over face covering policies.

Despite new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggesting fully vaccinated teachers and students no longer need to wears masks inside school buildings, the California Public Health Department on Monday issued guidelines stating schools must exclude students from campus who refuse to wear a face covering and are not exempt from the mask requirement. Schools must offer other educational opportunities for students who cannot come to campus because they will not wear a mask, the new state guidelines say.

Several hours later, the state Public Health Department backtracked, tweeting that local schools would have say on the reopening of campuses.

“Update: California’s school guidance will be clarified regarding mask enforcement, recognizing local school’s experience in keeping students and educators safe while ensuring schools fully reopen for in-person instruction,” the health department stated in the tweet.

Later Monday evening, a spokesman for Gov. Gavin Newsom said a revision to the K-12 coronavirus guidelines will allow local school officials to decide how to deal with students who refuse to wear masks.

The health depart guidelines issued on Monday factor in problems related to physical distancing, difficulty of tracking vaccination status, unequal treatment of students and the COVID-19 Delta variant in calling for a K-12 mask mandate.

“Masks are one of the most effective and simplest safety mitigation layers to prevent in-school transmission of COVD-19 infections and to support full time in-person instructions in K-12 schools,” the guidelines state.

Requiring masks reduces the need for physical distancing. Likewise, requiring some students to wear masks, but not others, could result in “potential stigma, bullying, isolation of vaccinated or unvaccinated students,” the guidelines say.

As currently worded, the guidelines require students to wear masks indoors, but face coverings are optional outdoors on campuses. Adults are required to wear masks indoors if they are sharing spaces with students.

Presently, the guidelines do not require physical distancing in classrooms, so long as other mitigation strategies, like masks, are implemented.


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For this gov. to come up with a surplus is truly a marketing gimmick out of thin air . How much fraud from the EDD payouts has been recovered ? Is there a way to verify companies that received PPE money used it for those purposes as well as payroll ? Start with the 30,000 Catholic diocese who were paid from this fund. Lastly, how many out there know that the CDC is a for-profit Corp. listed on Dun and Bradstreet ? They are in the business of promoting vaccines and have over 50 patents related to those processes in their production . Ft. Detrick has eluded scrutiny in the public forum, yet remains the prime suspect in obtaining various bioweapons-grade solutions intended as economic warfare . But the blowback has been devastating. Who were the employees at that lab and where are they now working ? Which ones have ties to other countries and how much virus has been checked out ? Found missing ? Who has had access to these agents and what countries might these scientists shared experimental serums with ? Very likely agents spying for Israel have removed dangerous viruses intended for combining with other toxic substances in their home base labs for terrorist activities against us.


Unless you have kids, you have no idea the damage they did closing schools. Gov Newsom, The Teachers Union and the School districts should be ashamed of themselves for their selfish actions. Useless Gov. employees :[


No damage to Newsom’s kids, they continued to attend their private school in person the entire time.

kevin rise

At least he isn’t Arnold, thank God. Gavin is doing a great job. We have a surplus of cash as a state, issues are being addressed. Only folks who hate him are a bit loopy, denialist extremists who’d rather have a caveman looking freak Marjorie Trailer trash Greene with her neanderthal DNA looking face freaking out screaming Zionist Zealot Fascist Terrorist statements.


He doesn’t have a surplus of cash. He has our money from taxes and fees on EVERYTHING, How about giving it back!


Vote to recall Newsome! When they said “brains” he thought they said “trains” and got off at the wrong stop. After he’s gone we abolish the legislature and run every politician out of the state. Mob rule will be a huge improvement.

kevin rise

No thanks.

Jon Tatro

These asshats don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Next, Newsome will proclaim kids won’t have to wear masks next fall in an attempt to look like he’s saving us from his own stupid policies.


It seems one of Newsom’s advisors told him the polls are saying you need to backtrack on your mask mandate even though the teachers union owns us otherwise we could lose the recall vote.