Motorcyclist killed in crash with SUV in Grover Beach

July 12, 2021

A motorcyclist was killed in a crash with an SUV on Monday afternoon in Grover Beach, according to police.

Shortly before 3 p.m., the motorcyclist and the SUV collided at the intersection of Fourth Street and Newport Avenue. Medical personnel treated the motorcyclist, but his injuries were too severe and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Officers are not releasing the name of the motorcyclist, a man, pending notification of his next of kin.

The driver of the SUV was not injured in the crash.

An investigation is ongoing. Officers are asking anyone with information about the crash to call officer Felix Ramirez at (805) 473-4511.


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I want to see the Street recording Video,

Body Cams,

And timeliness from Dispatch over this one,

Plus, one more!

Sorry didn’t see the Motorcycle!

Lot of freaking idiots called drivers in their own little piece of Texting, Stupid, don’t care.

How many more Motorcycles and Riders are going to get smoked in this County?


You are going to hear from me AGAIN.

Flatout BS!!!!!


Yes you are. Anyone with brains understands motorcycles are very dangerous to ride.


What’s your Point JT?

Bikers are Stupid?


Nightrider I get it, for myself riding is passion and God willing always will be as got 1st Harley once out of USMC 20 years ago and on about my 25th bike now. Anyways check it, all that timeline, bodycam ain’t gonna do shit. This was my family member and this sucks, but 100% rider error and car NOT at fault. We also need more riders to take the riding safety class and educate themselves and train more on how to ride and react in situations as yes bad drivers but some damn dumb things riders do, myself included I on occasion get complacent and with Club and have Brothers that need more saddle time. No need to press into this man, trust me. Family needs for Community to pray for family, also pray for that driver, they are a victim in this situation as well. Just be careful acting out of emotions as we all need to see both sides and sometimes all 3 sides then react with some facts.


Thank you Wheeler.

I am good on this one,

But I am the Voice of all of the other people who can’t ask for Justice because their not hear anymore.

And I will not stand down until our Government steps up.

Another one of the Great Brothers of WHMH

Went down last night on the Grade after someone cut across the Freeway in front of him.

People need to start being arrested!


So I see 13 Thumbs down

Does this mean that I am wrong?

Or that 13 people don’t like what I am saying?

After I posted this yesterday,

Another great guy got run over and Killed on the Grade last night!!!!!.

Go back and research how people on Motorcycles have been killed since 15 in SLO County!

How many of the drivers of the cars have gone to Jail?

One Criminal is still on the Loose After hitting James Hayes in Shell Beach and running.

Bikers are not Trash!


So its always the vehicles fault. Amazing more cycle riders aren’t killed the way they pass on the freeway between two cars at high rates of speed. Oh, must be the deer and or other animals fault for crossing the country roads in front of speeding motorcycles.


Two major studies, the larger by UC Berkeley, proved that lane splitting is safer, and avoided far fewer injuries to riders. Much of Europe, Asia, and South America allow lane sharing, with two wheeled ridership much greater than the USA.

The studies were used by the state, to codify lane sharing. Before, there was no law making it illegal, thus legal to do anyway. Why the need to codify it to make it legal, when nothing said it was illegal, is still a mystery.