Comparing Central Coast COVID-19 case rates

July 17, 2021

After five months of decreasing COVID-19 case rates, new infections in California are on the upswing again as the more contagious Delta variant spreads.

The Delta strain is a leading factor in the increase in infections across the Central Coast, according to health officials. The increase in COVID-19 case rates appears to be primarily influenced by variant strains, rather than vaccination rates.

In Los Angeles County, health officials reported a 165% increase in new coronavirus cases over the past week, with 54% of those residents infected with the Delta variant. Los Angeles County is again requiring masks to be worn indoors, for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Of those recently infected in Los Angeles County, 96.6% were unvaccinated, prompting health officials to push vaccinations.

“This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” said CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky on Friday. “If you remain unvaccinated, you are at risk.”

In counties with low infection rates, the number of Delta variant infections remain small. With only a slight uptick in COVID-19 cases, four residents in San Luis Obispo County, three in Monterey County and six in Kern County have tested positive for the Delta variant.

Cornavirus rates per 100,000 residents, and percent fully vaccinated:

San Benito County — 6.9 cases — 45% vaccinated

Los Angeles County — 6.5 cases — 52.0% vaccinated

Kings County — 4.9 cases — 28.9% vaccinated

Ventura County — 4.1 cases — 54.1% vaccinated

Fresno County — 3.1 cases — 41.4% vaccinated

Santa Barbara County — 3.0 cases — 52.8% vaccinated

Monterey County — 2.7 cases — 50.2% vaccinated

San Luis Obispo  County — 2.7 cases — 45.7% vaccinated

Kern County — 2.5 cases — 34.1% vaccinated

Tulare County — 1.7 cases — 34.3% vaccinated

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Mid-State Fair is gonna be a superspreader event, and Borenstein is asleep at the wheel

Yeppers, does the County have the political will to do much about it? It is controlled 3 to 2 by the party of COVID deniers and anti-vax placaters. For example: On 5/18/2021, the San Luis Obispo County supervisors voted 3-2 Tuesday to support a vocal, statewide campaign against coronavirus vaccine “passports”. The Supervisors sent a letter in support of AB 327, a bill by Assemblyman Kevin Kiley, R-Sacramento, that would ban public and private entities that receive state funds from verifying customers’ COVID-19 vaccine status “as a condition of receipt of any service or entrance to any place.” The board also added the position to its legislative platform. So Paso Robles, good luck with the Mid-State Fair.

Ralph, do you have an anti-viral protocol? This one worked for my wife and I on four plane flights (double masking); snotty children’s birthday party bounce house; and three weeks of CONSTANT contact with 3 children under 6. We did not catch a thing or if we did it was asymptomatic. We are mRNA vaccinated plus allowed the 10 days for the vaccines to become effective. What we took:

a) Vitamin D3 – 50,000 IU, 1 cap 3x per day, maximum of 3 days, I use “Protocol K2 MK-7 & D3” OR “Ortho Molecular K Force” not both.

b) “Ortho Molecular Viracid”: 2 caps every 3 hrs for up to 7 days, OR “Source Naturals Wellness Formula”: 6 caps every 3 hours, OR “Kick-Ass Biotic” 6 pumps every 3 hrs.

c) Vitamin C – 500 mg, 1 cap every 3 hrs for up to 7 days

A good source to purchase these supplements, and for advice, is the Middle Path Medicine Supplement Shop in Arroyo Grande.

Mid State Fair starts tomorrow!

It’s sad that people don’t seem to care about anyone but themselves here in this country. Nobody gives a crap about doing things for the greater good of society or doing whats right if it slightly inconveniences them. My 4yr old wears her mask no problem. Doesn’t bother her one bit but all these grown men are cryin about it…

It’s a free country, you have the right to make decisions that will ruin your life.

1) did they get the mRNA vaccines? 2) vaccines won’t prevent COVID if you have already been exposed, it maybe have been administered too late or only one dose 3) yes you can still catch COVID but it will be less harmful. It is not bullet proof. The latter two cases, asymptomatic and mild, possibly demonstrates why you should be vaccinated. 4) you examples are anecdotal, lacking the rigor of a scientific process, basically a “he said she said” rumor, no names no proof just another misleading post.

Be compassionate and get vaccinated so that you won’t be infecting others that are more susceptible to the consequences of being exposed to the virus than you are. I know that is what the most respectable religious leaders like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and all the other ones would do. I asked them and their holy spirits told me they would get vaccinated for the protection of the elderly and immune compromised in our communities because that is the compassionate path that we should be following. Ask them yourself if you should make yourself a vessel of death by not getting vaccinated or a vessel of healing by getting vaccinated.

Well said

Sorry. Masks aren’t gonna happen here. My family and I got vaccinated. Vaccinations were and are plentiful, available, and free. The spread of the virus is among the unvaccinated, 96.6% of the cases are people who were unvaccinated. They made a conscious decision to not get the vaccination and protection, knowing full well that they could get infected by that choice. They got infected. Tough break. If you are unvaccinated, wear a mask if you don’t want to get sick. But don’t not wear a mask, get sick, and want me to share in your dumb decision by trying to shame me into putting on a diaper to “protect you” or “to show I care and want to protect you”. I don’t care for either of those options. For whatever reason, you decided to take the risk of getting the virus. Live with your decisions. I am.

And Dr. Borenstein, don’t try to suddenly force businesses to require masks. Follow the science, Penny. To stop the virus, require a vaccination. That is science. Not the hand wringing, sterilize every surface, hide in your homes dictates. If you aren’t going to require a vaccination, then deal with the 54.3% of the voter’s that choose that they wanted to get the virus. But don’t add the costs to deal with them to the County’s bill.

And don’t say I am forcing you to be vaccinated. I am not. You can do whatever you want. Simple decision, get the vaccine, and have a 5% chance of maybe a 1% chance of having a mild sickness if you even get exposed. Don’t get the shot, and with this more virulant Delta version, have a 20-40% chance of geting the virus as it is highly contagious, and then becoming sick as 2,000,000 others in the US had to deal with.

I agree with you. However, even after being vaccinated, there a few situations that I still wear a face diaper. I do wish more people would embrace the vaccine. But, to each their own.

“a face diaper” Thanks for the disgusting infantile misinformation analogy.

All good points, but you should consider that while you may get mildly sick because you are vaccinated you are nonetheless contagious at that point. You can be unwittingly spreading the virus. And those who don’t take the vaccine are not limited to stupid fearful people who’ve “been warned”. There are legit reasons not to get vaccinated, albeit few and far between. If mandated again, just wear it.

“putting on a diaper” With that phrase you are voluntarily contributing to the BS covid misinformation that is killing and maiming Americans.

“Follow the science” Masks save lives, even after covid.