Officers shot gunman in San Luis Obispo 13 times

July 1, 2021

Edward Zamora Giron

The mentally ill man who shot and killed a San Luis Obispo police detective and wounded another officer suffered 14 gunshot wounds during the deadly shootout. [Tribune]

On May 10, six officers attempted to serve a search warrant at Edward Giron’s San Luis Obispo apartment. When Giron did not respond to police, officers broke down the door of the apartment and found him lying in wait.

A shootout ensued, during which Giron shot and killed Detective Luca Benedetti. Detective Steve Orozco was shot multiple times but survived.

Following the fatal shootout, forensic pathologist Duc Van Duong, of Private Autopsy Inc., conducted an autopsy on behalf of Giron’s family. In the autopsy report, Duong wrote Giron was shot 14 times, including an apparently self-inflicted fatal gunshot wound to the head.

Giron was shot 10 times from the front and four times from behind. The San Luis Obispo man was shot once in the left temple, six times in the torso, three times in the buttocks and four times in his extremities, according to Duong’s autopsy report.

The gunshot wound to Giron’s left temple caused severe brain damage, while other bullets caused severe damage to Giron’s internal organs, like his liver and lungs. Giron died quickly.

Duong did not receive any records from San Luis Obispo County about the shooting and needs more information in order do draw any conclusions, he said.

In Giron’s formal death certificate issued by SLO County, Sheriff’s Deputy Coroner Ronald Slaughter stated Giron’s fatal injury occurred when he shot himself in the head with a rifle. Other contributing factors leading to Gironn’s death were multiple gunshot wounds and pellet injuries to the trunk and extremities, according to the death certificate.

Giron’s mother previously said his father had given him three pheasant hunting rifles, which she believed her son had in his possession at the time of the shootout.

An autopsy report for Benedetti’s death has not been released.


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The Tribune story reads like Giron was the victim and the cops have something to hide, which is Matt Fountain’s style.

The number of wounds found during an autopsy do not always equal the number of rounds fired or number of rounds striking the subject. 13 wounds do not always mean 13 bullets.

Wounds to the extremities create Wound #1 as the bullet strikes the arm. The same bullet exits the arm and enters the torso creating Wound #2. If the bullet travels across the torso and exits the body it creates Wound #3. If it then strike the other arm it creates Wound #4.

Dr. Duong’s report doesn’t specify entry or exit wounds.


I think the SLOPD needs more intensive range time.


You can practice all you want, but until the target is shooting back at you, you will never know how good you are.


I have to wonder if one or more of the officers was also armed with shotguns (logical for this sort of operation), and if a number of the wounds were from only 1-2 shotshells?

Jon Tatro

This is a perfect example of why Officers shoot multiple rounds , unlike what you see on TV bad guys don’t immediately die after one round hits them. 2 to the body 1 to the head is how we were taught in SWAT.


Pheasant hunting…rifles?

Somebody’s confused.

Eyes Everywhere

Do the math. Six officers. One killed. Being shot 13 times by the remaining 5 officers? Does not seem excessive to me.


Not excessive at all considering after all those shots by police he was still able to pull the trigger on his gun (to end his life). Sounds like it wasn’t even enough to incapacitate the guy.


Sounds like they did their job.

Adam Trask

Dumb ass cops. Defund!


LMOA when you’re a crime victim…bet you dial 911 fast as lightning


I can see where some miscommunication led to the police kicking a door where they weren’t aware of the mental status of Giron. Very half assed on their part from an outsider so if LEO claims something different it is what it is. They have to live with it.

What I can’t understand is why the father gave Giron 3 rifles which remain registered. Makes no sense!


Point of clarification, maybe,

Sounds like they were shotguns, not rifles. It makes just a little difference from a technical standpoint. However, it’s not clear from the reporting.

The outcome still, a father, a husband, and someone’s friend, and son, did not come home from work that day, and never will.