Parachutist crashes into home in Atascadero

July 7, 2021


A parachutist who crashed through the roof of a home on the 9500 block of Via Cielo on Tuesday afternoon did not suffer serious injuries.

Shortly before 5 p.m., the parachutist, who was training at Camp Roberts, missed a designated landing field after his chute failed to properly deploy. The parachutist then crashed through both the exterior and interior roofs of the unoccupied home.

After emergency personnel arrived, the parachutist complained of pain but had no visible serious injuries. He was transported to a local hospital.

The other people involved in the Camp Robert’s training exercise landed safely at the designated landing field.

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Was it the kool-aid man? Please tell me it was the kool-aid man.

Interior Roof? That’s called the ceiling.

Why were they training over a area where people lived. Camp Roberts has plenty of land to train on. Glad no one was hurt

In this case, they were training over Santa Margarita, but in a HAHO parachute exercise where they deploy as high as 27,000 feet, jumpers can travel 30 miles or more from their deployment point, especially if winds aloft are high. For example, right now winds at 12,000 feet over Paso are 27 mph blowing north to south. That could easily take you far from your training zone and into an area where people live if you have a chute failure that prevents you from steering. No way to avoid that.

Did you mean, HALO? High altitude and Low Opening.

I feel like when your chute fails you mainly go in one direction regardless of wind.

His luck was through the roof…!

Thank God our Service member is alive.

I would love to know who packed the chute.

If someone else, I would have a very heated question about his lack of attention to detail.

Certified and trained riggers pack all chutes. Just because someone claimed their chute didn’t open doesn’t mean that’s what happened. there’ll be an exhaustive investigation.