Pedestrian killed by garbage truck in Morro Bay identified

July 16, 2021

The Morro Bay Police Department identified the pedestrian hit and killed by a commercial trash truck on Thursday as 69-year-old Mark Evans of Twain Harte.

Evans was attempting to cross Morro Bay Boulevard at Bernardo Avenue when the trash truck hit him. Evan’s body came to rest several blocks away, in the Morro Bay Boulevard roundabout near Quintana Road.

Evans died at the scene.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact officer McCool at (805) 772-6225.


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I wonder the state of mind of this Man? How do you not see a garbage truck? Or was he intentionally stepping in the way?


I’m very sorry for the man’s death. I am very sorry to the driver of the garbage truck. I’m sure he feels terrible.

I read another article that says the victim attempted to cross NEAR the crosswalk, not IN the crosswalk. If he walked out into the street from between parked cars when the driver was looking inside mirrors or even just looking straight ahead, he could have very well not seen the man and certainly would not feel him being hit.

We take for granted that large vehicles like garbage trucks don’t have stopping and maneuvering capabilities of a car. It’s just a sad situation all around.

Francesca Bolognini

“Came to rest several blocks away”? Seriously, how fast does a garbage truck have to be going to cause that to happen??? OMG. There must be more to this story.


Bernardo is actually about 700 feet and 1 block away from the roundabout…


Is this truck driver still on the loose? All you state is they are looking for information. I mean how many independent “trash trucks” operate in the area? Close to zero I imagine. Is it that hard to track down a garbage truck? Maybe check the dump.