Arroyo Grande rapist facing 50 years to life in prison

August 14, 2021

Arthur Tiofilo Rocha


An Arroyo Grande man pled no contest on Friday to four felony counts including forcible rape and assault with a deadly weapon against three female victims. Arthur Rocha, 40, faces 50 years-to-life at his sentencing.

Rocha agreed to the plea deal just days before his trial was set to begin next week.

In July 2018, Rocha broke into a San Luis Obispo residence and held a knife to the throat of two women while they were in bed, raping one of the victims.

The two females awoke to Rocha in the bed on top of one of the women. Rocha was choking the woman and holding a knife to her throat.

“Shut the fuck up or I’ll kill you both,” Rocha said during the attack.

Somehow, the women managed to fight off the Rocha, break free and flee to a neighbor’s apartment.

Officers found DNA on a knife and glove left behind after the crimes that matched that of Rocha.

Also in July 2018, two similar home invasions and assaults took place in a five-day span in San Luis Obispo.

“While these horrific crimes should never have been committed, the courage of these brave victims is remarkable,” said SLO County District Attorney Dan Dow. “I am grateful that this plea agreement will provide an appropriately harsh sentence without requiring the victims to endure the anguish of testifying in court and reliving the horror.”

The court is scheduled to sentence Rocha on January 10. He remains held without bail at the San Luis Obispo County Jail.


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This guy is a Real DipS#!t! And very arrogant! He goes after someone with another person in the house? Then he leaves his knife behind? Was he trying to get caught? Maybe he is looking for free rent at the boys club?


Why is he not being sentenced until JANUARY???


“Somehow, the women managed to fight off Rocha, break free and flee to a neighbor’s apartment.”

Kudos to those brave ladies and let their courage and strength be an example for all potential victims. Bite, gouge, spit, kick, scream, even pee but do not be quiet; fight back!

Enjoy prison, Arthur Rocha. Maybe your cellie can try to fix your eyebrows for you.


What the f are you talking about, crazy? Please put down the crack pipe and think before you post.


Since we no longer have a death sentence, Life with no parole will have to do.