Marijuana farm planned near Santa Maria High facility

August 17, 2021


A marijuana grower is seeking to plant at least 20 acres of cannabis on a property close to a new agricultural and technical education campus in Santa Maria, a project opposed by the local school district.

The Santa Maria Joint Union High School District recently opened its Agricultural Education and Career Technical Education Centers on a 25-acre property east of Highway 101 and north of the Elks rodeo grounds. The agricultural and technical education campus is shared by students from the four schools that make up the Santa Maria high school district.

District officials oppose the plan to develop a cannabis grow near the new campus, and they are working with their legal counsel to submit a letter of opposition to the Santa Barbara County Planning and Development Department. The project site is more than 750 feet away from the school campus, as required by Santa Barbara County rules.

Project plans call for a 40-acre outdoor marijuana cultivation area, which would include a 20-acre canopy under hoop structures spread across 38 acres. There would also be a 100-square-foot processing area with 16 drying and curing storage containers, including six under refrigeration.

La Crescenta-based Michael Salman, of Stateside Greens, is listed as the project applicant. Juan Cisneros, CEO of the Santa Maria company Better Produce, is listed as the property owner.

County planners are currently reviewing the project. They can approve or deny the project, which could then be appealed to the county planning commission.


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Drugs and children – What could go wrong?

Adam Trask

Alcohol and children—what could go wrong?

Adam Trask

Considering that marijuana will soon be one of the largest cash crops in California, the high school district should want to partner with the growers to allow for student interns—many potential ag students will most certainly find a home in the marijuana industry in the near future. Wine and Viticulture is a major at Cal Poly. What’s the difference between wine and marijuana? I see none.

Plus, I wonder where all those libertarians are who would argue that an individual can do whatever he wants on his own property?


Has it occurred to you that nearly all high school students are minors?

Adam Trask

I think there are better spots for this type of grow, plus it bothers me that he is not even local. However, I am pleased that he withdrew his application. I appreciate that!

kevin rise

Pot farm by the vineyard by the highschool; the sky is falling, my belief system is shook, who am I?


If it’s legal for them to do so; then get over it. Might as well be opposed to a cabbage field!


Let Michael grow the d@mn pot in his own neighborhood.

Kids should not be subjected to the negative impacts of his money grubbing business in any way.

kevin rise

So a wine processing plant which smells like fart is worse than pot that smells like fart. I want NO industrial AG anywhere in the central coast, NONE. Atascadero and margarita are the only sane places to boycott big ag and it’s shady illegal dealings. Paso sold out 20 years ago and now wells are dry if any of you attend water board meetings.


I agree!