San Luis Obispo police officers search for jewelry thieves

August 17, 2021


The San Luis Obispo Police Department is asking the public for help in identifying two men who allegedly stole a ring from a downtown jewelry store earlier this month.

Police say the men are suspected of having stolen the ring on Aug. 4 from Baxter Moerman on Garden Street. Investigators released surveillance images of the men in which the appear to be eying items in the jewelry store.

Officers are asking anyone who can identify the suspects or has information about the theft to call Officer Stevens at (805) 549-8093 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-7867.


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“Images of the men in which they appear to be eyeing items in the jewelry store”, huh?

Isn’t everyone downtown, whether shopping, window shopping or just strolling around “eyeing items” in the various stores?!

I suppose that means downtown businesses (and their association) would prefer to not have the business of those they may perceive as “eyeing” items? How else would you suppose that I shall find them?


Father and son heist? They look related!


The guy in the light blue shirt looks more like he stole a turkey.

Jorge Estrada

Check for a marriage license with their names on it?


…just, what? Who said anything about a marriage license? How would they be able to verify the name unless they already had a name?

Jorge Estrada

Maybe they used their male names?