Nipomo man arrested for murder after Avila Beach crash

August 8, 2021


CHP officers arrested a 31-year-old Nipomo man on suspicion of murder and driving under the influence on Friday afternoon.

Shortly before 3 p.m., Patrick McDuffee was driving a pickup truck southbound on San Luis Bay Drive in rural Avila Beach when he allegedly crossed into the northbound lane. McDuffee crashed head-on into a Mercedes van near Apple Orchard Lane.

The driver of the van, a 72-year-old man from Atascadero, died at the scene. First responders transported the victim’s wife, who was suffering from major injuries, to the hospital.

A CHP investigation determined McDuffee was driving under the influence of drugs. The name of the victim is not being released pending notification of his next of kin.


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Sad. Just like Paso with all the winos and brewery visitors driving around under the influence. But let’s open up more!!! Prayers for the family of this man.


I was there with my teen going out for his third drive with his learner’s permit apparently minutes before this happened. Shudder to think. My condolences to their family.


This guy better hope he gets the same judge as the woman who shot her husband in the head.


72 yr old man enjoying retirement, taking the missus out for a spin in the new camper van. A 31 yr old knuckle head high on drugs kills any hope for this couple to enjoy their golden years:(

It’s sad to think how many more of these incidents are in front of us in correlation to the current judicial system:(


It is very tragic and sadly we will only see more drugged up idiots on the road thanks to the influx of dispensaries in our local area and no legal standard like blood alcohol level to measure and regulate “high” drivers.


Settle down there! How the hell do you jump to the conclusion it’s cannibas? Are you also concerned about ALL the WINERIES we have up and down the county? Where’s your rage for the drunk drivers who kill people every single day here? You can’t sit there and wag the finger at dispensaries unless you are outraged with the wineries also.