San Luis Obispo County man arrested again for selling drugs

August 23, 2021

Anthony Allen Wong


A known drug dealer was arrested again, this time during a narcotics raid in Paso Robles, which netted $5,000 to $10,000 in illicit drugs.

Suspecting 33-year-old Anthony Allen Wong was again selling drugs, San Luis Obispo County deputies conducted a probation search of Wong’s car and home on the 1800 block of Shepherd Drive on Aug. 12. Deputies discovered more than a thousand counterfeit Oxycodone Hydrochloride pills that later tested positive for Fentanyl and Acetominophen, as well as materials commonly used in the packaging and sale of illegal drugs.

Deputies arrested Wong for violating the terms of his probation and booked him into the SLO County Jail. He is no longer in custody.

In 2013, while out on probation for transporting narcotics, Wong was arrested for dealing drugs from a home near C.L. Smith Elementary School in San Luis Obispo. During a search of Wong’s Newport Street home, deputies discovered approximately $50,000 in ecstasy and heroin for sale.

Three years later, Wong allegedly fled following a hit-and-run accident in a Grover Beach shopping center parking lot. Officers later located Wong, who they found sitting inside his car in the parking lot of a Denny’s, engaged in a drug transaction with a Clovis man. Police seized more than 140 Xanax pills and more than $800 during the 2016 incident.

In 2017, deputies culminated a three-month investigation into a drug sales operation by serving a search warrant at Wong’s Pismo Beach home. Investigators found approximately 2.4 ounces of Ecstasy, 5.7 ounces of Xanax and 12.7 ounces of psilocybin mushrooms. The drugs had an approximate street value of $6,000, according to the sheriff’s office.


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He’s selling Fentanyl pills labeled as Oxy? He’s trying to kill people!


He was a former employee of dominos on spring st as late as last year. Makes you wonder what else goes on in that store. They also employee a driver named alex which you guessed it knows anthony wong from jail and their recent manager was marcella. Connect the dots with more info to come…


He used to work for the dominos on spring st as recently as late last year. I assume drugs and so forth going through that place every day. Also had a manager over there who was always on drugs overdose in the parking lot, on you guessed it, the drugs he sold. Her name i believe was marcella. More info coming…


It’s all just a cultural misunderstanding. Wong is practicing the ancient art of traditional Chinese herbal medicine. He is the go-to guy when you need top grade rhino horn, bear gall bladder or pangolin scales.


That’s more than 3 strikes


Why is he not in jail? We know probation doesn’t work, but he is out yet again? How many times does this guy have to be caught before he is finally locked up?


Article says he is no longer in custody..what a system we have.


Wong, the system obviously isn’t working.


Our state & federal politicians and the American Justice System aren’t concerned that dangerous illicit drugs are pervasive throughout society. This scourge isn’t that difficult to mitigate, it just takes a realistic, determined, serious approach. And that is something our political leadership isn’t willing to embrace.