Critical race theory is coming to your child’s school

September 16, 2021

Gordon Mullin


You’ve heard about Critical Race Theory (CRT) before.  It migrated out from liberal law faculties over 20 years ago and is now well established on college campuses, especially in the arts.

It’s coming to our K-12 schools and parents should be aware of its divisive and destructive nature. If you’re white, soon your fifth-grade child may come home and tell you that you are a racist, our society is corrupt and your unearned privilege, e.g. wealth, should be redistributed to people of color as reparations.

CRT holds that American society should be viewed in groups based upon skin color and this group identity supersedes all others.

It claims that Whites are racist without knowing it and racism is ‘systemic,’ meaning it is embedded into our history and our national institutions, laws and economic system and remains so today. CRT claims we started as a white racist country with slavery at its heart and despite the Civil War with over 350,000 dead union soldiers who gave their lives to end the institution and with numerous current national and state laws outlawing discrimination, we remain so today.

CRT claims proof of this is because there are today, differences, quantified by wealth, income, health and other measures, in the outcome of groups. Further, these disparate outcomes are caused, not by the actions or attitudes of each group, but the inherent racism built into our society and institutions.

All are false or distorted claims.

It’s important to note that CRT and its cousins, the Black Lives Matter movement, and now, sadly the NAACP, all buy into this notion that we should be viewed only by our skin color.

CRT regretfully has forgotten Martin Luther King’s adage, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Let’s consider CRT’s claims. First, America is a racist society. My questions is: compared to other countries, where does America rank? And, why consider only racism? Is it acceptable to hate others because of their religion, sex or ethnic background but unacceptable to hate by race? If so, why?

Of course there are people in the United States who are blatantly racist. We have 330 million people living here so it is easy to find these people, especially with 24/7 news and the internet.However, to compare, do we have, on a per capita basis, more or less racists than Mexico, Nigeria, China, Syria, France? Nowhere on any related CRT website does one find this question asked nor answered.

Further, most of the world would agree that America has more freedom than almost any other country. Witness the flow of immigrants on our southern border literally risking their lives to cross into America. They don’t view the United States as racist. What they see is freedom and opportunity.

CRT also claims that the case for endemic racism in the United States rests on the disparate outcomes between races. The preeminent economist on this topic is Thomas Sowell and he reminds us that “at no time in history and nowhere on the planet have two people’s measurable outcomes been the same.”

In America, to use just one of many measurements, if we lump all households into just four groups, the U.S. Census Bureau tells us the following about median incomes (2018): Asian, $87,243; White, $65,902; Hispanic, $51,404; Black, $43,892. Is this evidence of discrimination by Whites?

First, Whites clearly have done a bad job of discrimination against Asians. Recall we threw most of the Japanese living on the west coast of America at the start of WWII in concentration camps and took away their property and made their lives a misery for decades yet their median household income was $85,007 in 2019. Indian (i.e. Asian) Americans: $135,809 also somehow escaped White prejudice. Same for the Chinese, despite legal restrictions of all sorts imposed on them till the mid 20th century- $85,424.

How about Black Americans from African countries? Ghanaian, $69,021; Nigerian, $68,658. These immigrants from Africa are typically blacker than the Blacks who have been here for 200 years and are indistinguishable from those whose ancestors came during the 1700’s. How is it that they have had a better outcome?

In short, the above are just a few examples that indicate race is not a determining factor in outcome.

The base reasons for lower outcomes of American born Blacks are three major factors: single parent families, education and crime.

Here’s one of my favorite adages. If you are born into a two-parent home, finish high school, don’t get a criminal record, get married and stay married; you are practically guaranteed to join the middle class in America, which we should acknowledge, is the upper class in most of the world.

The claim that the Blacks in America suffer under the ‘legacy’ of slavery and discrimination is one of pure speculation. If you imagine that you, as a White person, continue to discriminate against those of a different color, stop doing that. And don’t let anyone tell you that you are unable to know whether you are doing so.

Perhaps the most destructive component of CRT is the notion that Blacks have no agency, no control over their own lives. It is a distorted belief system that feeds the concept of inability to progress with one’s life unless someone else acts differently.

Parents, imagine someone telling your child that they are a failure and will remain so until someone else acts in some ill-defined different manor. Would you not intervene and tell your child they can do anything they want, become anyone they want in America?

Critical race theory is a set of beliefs; somewhat akin to a religion. It’s not based on facts but conjectures. Yet it is gaining acceptance within our society and our schools and parents must gird themselves for a fight.

It’s coming to your child’s school. Do something. Act now.


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This sounds a bit like dramatic clickbait hysteria “It’s coming to your child’s school. Do something. Act now.”

First, is actually there any proof any K-12 schools are adding CRT to the curriculum? Even when Paso banned it, they admitted that CRT is not currently taught in any Paso Robles public schools nor was there any evidence of plans to do so.

Second, there is a huge difference between teaching students about the existence of a theory and saying that theory is accurate and correct and students are required to believe.

Students are taught about the flat earth theory, the ideology of the Nazi party, creationism, etc. I don’t think we have been creating a bunch of flat earth-believing nazi children, so why do we think they are going to turn into CRT believers if they are just told that the theory exists?

Children should be getting their values and beliefs from their parents, not some random teacher. If that’s not happening, you have a big problem, CRT or not! Stop worrying about CRT and start teaching your children to think critically and reject crazy BS theories!


It’s coming to our K-12 schools and parents should be aware of its divisive and destructive nature. If you’re white, soon your fifth-grade child may come home and tell you that you are a racist

Gordon sounds like he’s writing a modern day “reefer madness.”

Beware! Young and Old – People in all walks of life! This may be handed you by the friendly stranger. It contains the Killer Drug “Marihuana” — a powerful narcotic in which lurks Murder! Insanity! Death!


Test driving another invent a problem diversion?


“It’s not based on facts but conjectures. ”

Just like your entire statement hitting all the gop talking points, crime, single parents and lack of education from budget cuts that you Gordon have been supporting for many years.

“Look at the horrible situation we helped to create and now we can blame all the nonwhites, it’s there own fault” said some old white gqp guy.


” and is now well established on college campuses”

“It’s coming to our K-12 schools”

Gordon, Name the local schools you claim this coming to or this is bullshit.

What the right is doing is now anytime a school wants to teach history, civil war etc (I’m talking actual history here) the fear filled GQP’ers will shout Crt Crt over and over.

This is just like claiming vote fraud with no evidence as we have seen this last two years, they are setting the stage to make more false claims.

Cal Coast where is the counter point or are you just all right wing opinion pieces now?


immigrants from Africa are typically blacker than the Blacks

Gordon Mullin is obviously color blind and embodies everything MLK fought for. Can someone please put him in charge of a diversity taskforce so we can eliminate systemic racism faster in SLO County?


It is not taught in our schools quit fear mongering all your doing is getting the same people who verbally and physically assault our teachers over masks another lame excuse to do the same.

Mitch C

If you want to stop the ignorance surrounding hate/discrimination/etc teach that we are all equal and has been said judged by our character not your the color of our skin. CRT just divides us, it teaches us nothing but hate and intolerance. And yes, after working three years for a Fortune 500 Corporation and having passed the CPA exam I was told during an interview that my background ould have to be verified. I didn’t give the idea of checking what I put on my resume a second thought since it was all true and I had nothing to hide.


If what you say is true? Then explain to me an American Latino US Army Veteran born and raised in Southern California, 60 miles east of Los Angels, why is it that in all the different places I have lived, SLO county is the only place I have ever been told, “Go back to Mexico!” Why is it that when I applied for a job at Paso Robles Inn after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, for a job as a office manager, having worked as a front desk supervisor for Moonstone properties, that the General Manger after my interview, sent me an email stating that she decided to go with the 19 year old white girl, but would I be interested in a landscaping position? Explain your logic on that? Or how about the time(s) that I have put in a resume at a number of well known establishments were I was more then qualified! Yet, the hiring manager(s) when receiving my resume in person, asked me , “it says, you graduated from Cal Poly.” Which I replied,”yes!” Their response, “ You know we can check that!” Why if my race , skin color doesn’t matter according to your dumb white ass, why, would they question my resume?

I know a number of white friends and I asked them has any manager if told you that? Never!! CRT doesn’t exist? You can say that because your white!! Between January 1st ,2014 to July of 2015, in this county, I was pulled over 14 TIMES!! And only ticketed once!!

Yet, every single time I was asked ,” are you on parole or probation?”!followed by “ do you have any drugs or weapons?” Then they would tell me why they pulled me over. You want to know what their reason was? I looked suspicious , I looked like a suspect they were looking for? When I would ask the description of the person I apparently Looked like? I was told you don’t fit the description!!! WTF?? Why did you pull me over then? Their reply was with a hostile tone and aggressive body language ,”have you been drinking!! “

My favorite is They wanted to make sure the sports car belonged to me!

How many times have you been pulled over in an 18 month period?

A sheriff once pulled me over to tell me that this was his area of assignment now and I should be careful! I was at the stop light turning right on to old creek road!! Why the fuck did he feel he needed to inform me? apparently you can not have my skin color and drive a sports car without being a criminal!

Have you ever been treated like that?

It’s people like you, and your bias opinion of systemic racial discrimination, that continues the cycle of racist white supremacist, you are telling them it’s okay to be a racist because your white and never have to deal with systemic racial injustice and or prejudice because it’s all made up! Right!? You white supremacist racist American!! Your a real piece of I hope we cross paths!! Hopefully in a parking lot!!

so well lit parking lot!!

Nah. I won’t stoop to your level of ignorance!!

Jon Tatro

DD03 did you know the only people who can be legally discriminated against based on race and gender is white men.


“legally discriminated against” But that never stopped you or others during some stop of a old car full of farmworkers.

Jon Tatro

Lol ,no I got most of my arrests from liberals who were pedophiles, wife beaters and animal abusers. There were just so many of them back in the day…right kettle, you know what I’m talking about.


No, I would have no idea what you are implying, not being a criminal or a pervert.

But I have watched SLO County deputies violate peoples rights on several occasions.

Ben Daho

You mean when Trump Told us he wishes Ghislane Maxwell “Good luck” when she was arrested for Sexual assault, pedophilia and child trafficking? When Trumps friend Prince Andrew got busted? How many Evangelicals, Republicans congressman and even Rush Limbaugh were busted? It’s so sad to see people lie and lie about things you can Google. Grow up.


So it’s standard police practice to investigate and determine where an arrestee’s views are on the political spectrum? Or was it just part of your own unethical process to stereotype suspects? I bet you “just knew” who those filthy liberals were based on “how they looked”, right? Thanks for letting us know what sort of officer you were. How shocking that you ended up being fired from the force…


Lol I call bullshit on that one especially being a paso cop. Paso is the Florida of this county


DoneDeal03, hope people read your post three or four times and let it really sink in.

Ben Daho

I tried to explain the Tulsa Riots to someone I’ve known for 51 years. He said “That was 100 years ago, they should have rebuilt by now” ??? How? Go borrow money from a white bank? Their business were destroyed, community clinics, hospitals, theaters, car dealerships, newspapers, lumber yards. Do they show up in tattered clothes with no job to go to and fill out loan papers? Can they take money out of their bank that was burned to the absolute ground? Who while others are looking would loan them $.05 cents? Who while others were looking would give them a meal, job, shelter?

“They could have rebuilt by now” no, they couldn’t. Many were slaughtered, tortured, and crippled. They couldn’t keep their property because they couldn’t pay anymore, pay taxes etc. someone bought it up and there was no possibility to become whole. People like Tucker Carlson who’s the heir to a fortune gets grammas money. He brags about his money. Trump got money handed to him. 4 generations down, those at the time wealthy Tulsa black business owners had THEIR fortunes taken. So, it’s not the same for blacks and whites and SHOULD be taught.


“Further, these disparate outcomes are caused, not by the actions or attitudes of each group, but the inherent racism built into our society and institutions.”

Literally, a racist statement…. because you’re suggesting that disparate outcomes are caused by the actions of attitudes of “each group”. Maybe if you’d said, “individuals”, you could squirm out of this one. But you are, quite literally, a racist, even if your racism is not based on hatred.

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