Critical race theory is coming to your child’s school

September 16, 2021

Gordon Mullin


You’ve heard about Critical Race Theory (CRT) before.  It migrated out from liberal law faculties over 20 years ago and is now well established on college campuses, especially in the arts.

It’s coming to our K-12 schools and parents should be aware of its divisive and destructive nature. If you’re white, soon your fifth-grade child may come home and tell you that you are a racist, our society is corrupt and your unearned privilege, e.g. wealth, should be redistributed to people of color as reparations.

CRT holds that American society should be viewed in groups based upon skin color and this group identity supersedes all others.

It claims that Whites are racist without knowing it and racism is ‘systemic,’ meaning it is embedded into our history and our national institutions, laws and economic system and remains so today. CRT claims we started as a white racist country with slavery at its heart and despite the Civil War with over 350,000 dead union soldiers who gave their lives to end the institution and with numerous current national and state laws outlawing discrimination, we remain so today.

CRT claims proof of this is because there are today, differences, quantified by wealth, income, health and other measures, in the outcome of groups. Further, these disparate outcomes are caused, not by the actions or attitudes of each group, but the inherent racism built into our society and institutions.

All are false or distorted claims.

It’s important to note that CRT and its cousins, the Black Lives Matter movement, and now, sadly the NAACP, all buy into this notion that we should be viewed only by our skin color.

CRT regretfully has forgotten Martin Luther King’s adage, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

Let’s consider CRT’s claims. First, America is a racist society. My questions is: compared to other countries, where does America rank? And, why consider only racism? Is it acceptable to hate others because of their religion, sex or ethnic background but unacceptable to hate by race? If so, why?

Of course there are people in the United States who are blatantly racist. We have 330 million people living here so it is easy to find these people, especially with 24/7 news and the internet.However, to compare, do we have, on a per capita basis, more or less racists than Mexico, Nigeria, China, Syria, France? Nowhere on any related CRT website does one find this question asked nor answered.

Further, most of the world would agree that America has more freedom than almost any other country. Witness the flow of immigrants on our southern border literally risking their lives to cross into America. They don’t view the United States as racist. What they see is freedom and opportunity.

CRT also claims that the case for endemic racism in the United States rests on the disparate outcomes between races. The preeminent economist on this topic is Thomas Sowell and he reminds us that “at no time in history and nowhere on the planet have two people’s measurable outcomes been the same.”

In America, to use just one of many measurements, if we lump all households into just four groups, the U.S. Census Bureau tells us the following about median incomes (2018): Asian, $87,243; White, $65,902; Hispanic, $51,404; Black, $43,892. Is this evidence of discrimination by Whites?

First, Whites clearly have done a bad job of discrimination against Asians. Recall we threw most of the Japanese living on the west coast of America at the start of WWII in concentration camps and took away their property and made their lives a misery for decades yet their median household income was $85,007 in 2019. Indian (i.e. Asian) Americans: $135,809 also somehow escaped White prejudice. Same for the Chinese, despite legal restrictions of all sorts imposed on them till the mid 20th century- $85,424.

How about Black Americans from African countries? Ghanaian, $69,021; Nigerian, $68,658. These immigrants from Africa are typically blacker than the Blacks who have been here for 200 years and are indistinguishable from those whose ancestors came during the 1700’s. How is it that they have had a better outcome?

In short, the above are just a few examples that indicate race is not a determining factor in outcome.

The base reasons for lower outcomes of American born Blacks are three major factors: single parent families, education and crime.

Here’s one of my favorite adages. If you are born into a two-parent home, finish high school, don’t get a criminal record, get married and stay married; you are practically guaranteed to join the middle class in America, which we should acknowledge, is the upper class in most of the world.

The claim that the Blacks in America suffer under the ‘legacy’ of slavery and discrimination is one of pure speculation. If you imagine that you, as a White person, continue to discriminate against those of a different color, stop doing that. And don’t let anyone tell you that you are unable to know whether you are doing so.

Perhaps the most destructive component of CRT is the notion that Blacks have no agency, no control over their own lives. It is a distorted belief system that feeds the concept of inability to progress with one’s life unless someone else acts differently.

Parents, imagine someone telling your child that they are a failure and will remain so until someone else acts in some ill-defined different manor. Would you not intervene and tell your child they can do anything they want, become anyone they want in America?

Critical race theory is a set of beliefs; somewhat akin to a religion. It’s not based on facts but conjectures. Yet it is gaining acceptance within our society and our schools and parents must gird themselves for a fight.

It’s coming to your child’s school. Do something. Act now.


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Adam Trask

I’ll just put this here:

“According to data from the Federal Reserve, in 1990, white households owned 90.7% of household wealth in the United States, whereas Black households owned 3.8% and Hispanic households owned 2.1%. These numbers have changed little over the past 30 years, with white households now owning 85.5% of wealth in 2019, and Black households owning 4.2% and Hispanic households owning 3.1%.”


Yikes! Gordon Mullin is so full of disdain for poor, black people, it’s just OOZING out of him. The ignorance is stunning, the belligerence is appalling.

To be clear: CRT has nothing to do with “making white kids feel guilty”, or convincing them that “their parents are racists”. It looks nothing like the racially divisive nightmare described in Mr. Mullin’s pathetic little fable.

While CRT DOES ACKNOWLEDGE the racial wealth gap between races, it DOES NOT seek “wealth redistribution as reperations”.

In fact, CRT is not itself a substantive course or workshop. It is an approach or lens through which an educator can help students examine the role of race and racism in American society. In the K-12 classroom, specifically, CRT is designed to help students understand how racism has endured past the civil rights era through systems, laws, and policies—AND how those same systems, laws, and policies CAN BE TRANSFORMED.

This SHAMEFUL pack of lies told by Mr. Mullin is just further evidence that educating people about race, is still very necessary. We SHOULD be teaching critical race theory to our kids (& obviously some adults as well).

The bottom line is that CRT recognizes the value of centering the voices of people who have historically been marginalized, and THAT is what makes Mr. Mullin SO INCENSED. Hey Gordon, your white privilege is showing…you might wannna tuck that back in.


Gordon,your black boyfriend probably won’t approve of this op.


This is bad and embarrassing, Gordon.

Jorge Estrada

I will always know CRT to mean Cathode Ray Tube. Life can be simple if you avoid learning to be like someone else.


Elder lost… Time to pull out the CRT fear mongering again.

You tards are like clockwork


You really make me ashamed to be an old white dude.

Tyler Durden

Gordon, you’re on the Central Committee of the local Ding Dong party that cost the taxpayer $300,000,000 on a pathetic recall, with a candidate who had a ridiculous platform of reversing all vaccination and mask mandates; expressed support for a $0 minimum wage; and suggested that slave owners might have been owed reparations after the Civil War. And now you bring us the new boogaloo boys hob gobbling, CRT! You and the rest [fill in bank] need to stop wasting our time and money.


Actually $276 million. Mandates by Governors or Presidents are a way to bypass the legislature. The minimum wage keeps wages low by letting employers tell prospective employees that’s what the Government says, so that’s what we pay, instead of paying a prevailing wage. Look up California’s unfunded pension liability, then go listen to Newsom brag about the “Surplus”. And finally my sure you go ride the 100 billion dollar train from Madera to Merced.


You hit the nail on the head!

Local politicians obviously need a bogeyman to scare constituents into voting for them. When your party now has egg on their face for opposing proven measures to combat the real bogeyman of COVID, you need to gin up something new to pretend to protect people from. What better than “wacky teachers are going to indoctrinate your children to hate you! Vote for me so I can stop them!”

Mullin tried to run for a seat on the SLO city council in 2014 and utterly failed. Who wants to bet he’s winding up for round two?


Don’t send your kids to school. Home school them and help to defund public schools and their indoctrination of lies and deceit.