Ruben Flores’ neighbor refutes allegations she saw digging under porch

September 21, 2021


A neighbor of Ruben Flores denied seeing anyone under his Arroyo Grande home on Feb. 9, 2020, calling the allegations she viewed digging, shovels and a wheelbarrow “untrue.”

Ruben Flores’ son Paul Flores is accused of murdering Kristin Smart during an attempted rape in 1996. Charged with accessory after the fact, Ruben Flores is suspected of helping his son dispose of Smart’s body, which prosecutors believe was buried under a deck at his home.

Shortly after the April 13 arrests of Paul and Ruben Flores, Smart family attorney James Murphy filed an emotional distress lawsuit against Ruben Flores, and told the media that neighbors had witnessed Ruben Flores, Susan Flores and her boyfriend Mike McConville working under Ruben Flores’ home at 710 White Court in Arroyo Grande. Murphy called it “compelling evidence” they had moved Kristin Smart’s body to another location just a few days after deputies searched the home.

Ruben Flores and his attorney Harold Mesick, photo by Credit: Dave Minsky – Santa Maria Times

The last witness on Monday, Jamilyn Holman testified she contacted “Your Own Backyard” podcast creator Chris Lambert after seeing Ruben Flores, Susan Flores and McConville having trouble backing a trailer down Ruben Flores’ driveway on Feb. 9, 2020. The trailer was then pulled up along the side of the home near where prosecutors say Smart was buried.

The next morning when Holman left for work, the SUV and the trailer were still at Ruben Flores’ home, Holman testified.

Holman later met with Lambert and Murphy at Murphy’s office to tell her story, which did not include the later reports that she saw people under the home, she testified.

The prosecution then rested its case and the defense decided not to call witnesses following Holman’s testimony.

“Based on that, we are not going to submit more evidence,” said Robert Sanger, one of Paul Flores’ attorneys.

In his closing argument, Deputy District Attorney Chris Peuvrelle went over evidence presented during the hearing, including Jennifer Hudson who testified she heard Paul Flores admit to killing Smart at a party in 1996, human blood found in a filled-in hole under Ruben Flores’ porch and cadaver dogs alerting to Paul Flores’ dorm room in 1996.

Peuvrelle then focused on the numerous lies Paul Flores told investigators in the weeks following Smart’s disappearance. Paul Flores allegedly lied about how he got a black eye, not having any contact with Smart at the party, Smart not having trouble walking and not forcing a kiss on anyone the night Smart disappeared.

Deputy arresting Paul Flores

In his closing, defense attorney Sanger blamed “Your Own Backyard” podcast, the media and billboards for promoting Paul Flores’ guilt without sufficient evidence.

Sanger demeaned Hudson’s reputation, calling the witness who said she heard Paul Flores admit to the crime a “troubled person.” Sanger said Hudson was only able to remember facts after reminders from Lambert.

Sanger argued the black eye, the cadaver dogs alerting at Paul Flores’ dorm and the blood found under Ruben Flores’ home were not evidence Paul Flores killed Kristin Smart.

“The whole thing about the black eye doesn’t prove anything,” Sanger said. “This is a case that should not go any further.”

Ruben Flores’ attorney Harold Mesick argued the prosecution had not met their burden, and that it appeared Paul Flores was being accused of murder because he was the last person who saw Kristin Smart alive. He then noted the $500,000 this case has cost the Flores family.

“Witnesses are here to do whatever it takes to help the prosecution not tell the truth,” Mesick said. “There will be a lot of people who will be unhappy if Paul Flores is not hung from the highest gallows.”

Court is set to resume Wednesday, when the judge will determine if Paul Flores should be put on trial for murder and if his father should go on trial for helping his son dispose of Smart’s body.

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There is huge defense money being paid here. Ruben was fired from the Orange County Sheriffs Department for corruption. He must have made a lot from the drug dealers. An investigation unto itself.


So, are we saying the investigators and DA’s office put forth false allegations to secure an arrest warrant and the put forth lies at trial. Grounds for a mistrial, grounds for a motion to dismiss with prejudice. Can’t wait until this is over and likely the flores will sue the County and how much will they be compensated for a DA’s office and investigators that lied and falsified evidence. Remember, if it does not fit, you must acquit. That stunt resulted in a murderer going free. Yet, in this case, no body, no crime scene, its a 30 year old case and now lies by the investigators and DA’s office – this will cost all residents hundreds of millions of dollars.


I heard something about something from someone who knows someone. My feelings are more important than facts.


DA may possibly offer either defendant a plea bargain before or during trial ,meanwhile hoping one of them will crack under pressure of a trial .In my opinion if none of the above occurs, and there is a conviction at trial it would be a conviction based on emotions with what evidence that has been made public so far .A trial could be an alternate plan of DA’s office /county to avoid being sued for malicious prosecution against the suspects if proceedings were halted at this point based on the fact suspects attorney stated in court that he is billing his clients over $500k


Wonder who is paying the bill???????? Not the Flores’ boys.


Ruben likely has huge drug money from his career as a corrupt LEO.


Might have put the house up, just a guess.