SLO cuts bus routes because of driver shortage

September 28, 2021


The city of San Luis Obispo has temporarily cut numerous bus routes because of a driver shortage. [KCBX]

Since the onset of the pandemic, many SLO bus drivers have sought employment elsewhere. Likewise, some SLO Transit employees retired, said city transit assistant Jesse Stanley.

As drivers have departed, the city has not received many employment applications for bus driver positions. It also takes at least six weeks to train new drivers, Stanley said.

The city has suspended bus routes including, the 1b, 2b, San Luis Tripper, Laguna Tripper, Highland Tripper, 6 Express and Trolley. Meanwhile, other routes are operating during early mornings and late evenings to accommodate more riders.

Last week, the city issued a rider alert stating there were significant delays on morning routes because of high ridership and roadway congestion. Officials advised bus riders to take earlier trips.

A few drivers have recently been hired. The city expects to restart some bus routes after the new drivers complete the training process.

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I waited a day before commenting my obvious solution:

Hire taller people…


More evidence of the brainiacs running sloCity. They say the bus line is a way to save the earth, but they cannot keep it functioning. More city hall comedy.

Who is saying a bus line is a way to save the earth? You are acting like it’s something unique to SLO, but it’s a basic service that pretty much every city in the civilized world provides. The high ridership numbers show its a needed service.

Didn’t Joe Biden have the perfect solution to offset this problem? (Whispers) “Pay your workers more”. At least the government has the resources to do so

Not funny.

Here’s a thought, stop paying people to not work……

Here’s a better thought, don’t close down businesses for almost a year then expect them to be around when you finally decide to let them open up.