Who is San Simeon CSD’s general manager?

September 13, 2021

Charles Grace


“My name is Charles Grace … .” Please watch the video. You decide if Charles Grace is the San Simeon Community Services District general manager.

District board chair Gwen Kellas, the other directors, district counsel, and Charles Grace himself continue to refuse to answer that question. They are unwilling to disclose the answer. In my opinion, something seriously shady and illegal is and has been taking place in our district.

We have found the best possible example of Charles Grace representing himself as the district’s general manager in a most official and formal setting testifying that he was the San Simeon CSD general manager before a state quasi-judicial agency. This corroborates other evidence including his signing of contracts, grants, and other official documents as the San Simeon CSD general manager.

As you see, on Oct. 12, 2018, at a full California Coastal Commission meeting, Charles Grace is recorded on video introducing himself and leading a major presentation related to San Simeon. Upon completion of his portion of the presentation he introduces Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

This is largest issue to ever face San Simeon being the relocation of its wastewater treatment facility and potentially involving millions in fines. Supervisor Gibson is now our witness along with District Counsel Natalie Frye Laacke and Jeff Oliveira of Oliveira Environmental Consulting (not to mention the twelve commissioners who were also present).

Were they all duped like the rest of us for years or what?

At 1:28 into the meeting, Grace begins and leads the district’s presentation stating the following: “My name is Charles Grace.  I am the General Manager of San Simeon Community Services District …”

He continues through a lengthy formal presentation closing by introducing Supervisor Bruce Gibson who continues the presentation.

Now you can see and hear him officially state in his owns words that he is “the San Simeon Community Services District general manager.”

The directors, district counsel, and Charles Grace were all shown this video during public comments at the beginning of Sept. 9 board meeting.  They still refused repeated challenges to answer the question, “Is Charles Grace the San Simeon CSD general manager?”

At the end of the meeting, they had a closed session for an employee performance review of what is now called “General Manager Services”.  Of course, no reportable actions and no answers.

To have something like this occur in our county or anywhere in the state seems unbelievable. The law requires the board of a CSD to appoint a general manager to be an operative CSD.  As residents we have nowhere to turn.

Our entire community is being gamed. The integrity of the community services district structure of local government is being challenged.

This is a huge breach of public trust.

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The simple answer is the don’t have GM. They thought they did. Swore him in and everything. He went out and represented himself as such–you have the receipts. But his contract was not executed properly–hence it does not exist. It never did in the eyes of the law. Which is different from “voiding” a contract upon discovery of these errors.

The fact that it was not discovered for a long time only makes this harder to unwind. He swore in board members as GM, when he wasn’t really the GM, so are they really properly seated board members? Probably not.

Answering your question truthfully requires them to –not name anyone. There is no GM for San Simeon. It would be hard for illegally sworn in board members to swear in a new GM too. They’re stuck in legal limbo.

Time to give it back to the County and get out of the CSD business.

This matters. The law requires a CSD appoint a General Manager and that that General Manager take the Oath of Office to uphold the Constitution of the USA and the Constitution of the State of CA. That Oath requires he/she protect the District from all enemies, foreign and domestic, including his own company and $ole $ourced consultants.

San Simeon is a Disadvantaged Community being taken advantage of.

if grant funds are involved and they knowing defrauded the county for these funds the DA will have a field day with these directors. Bring in the FBI ….Hide and seek game is over for San Simeon Community Service District looks like your legal battles just started.

Not DA Dow, he turns a blind eye to public agencies illegal activities, he still refuses to look at the IWMA even after everything that has been exposed.