Dust storm shuts down Highway 41 near Cholame ‘Y’

October 18, 2021


Authorities closed Highway 41 between highways 33 and 46 Sunday night because of a dust storm in the area, Caltrans announced.

Caltrans stated in a tweet that the dust storm was causing “zero visibility.” It is unclear when the section of Highway 41 will reopen.

The area of the closure is southwest of Kettleman City. Highway 41 connects San Luis Obispo County to Kern County in the area, and it forms the Cholame “Y” at the interchange with Highway 46.

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Since the early 70s I had thought that the odd colored clouds in the sky starting at Shandon looking east were from brush fires …Then I discovered after living out there, those odd colored clouds was dust clouds from dust storms

More effects of drought in the West: dust storms in California reminiscent of the Depression-era Dust Bowl