Former SLO resident Chuck Liddell arrested for domestic violence

October 11, 2021

Chuck Liddell


Former San Luis Obispo resident and fighting champ Chuck Liddell was arrested early Monday morning for domestic violence.

Los Angeles sheriff’s deputies responded to a call about a fight at the Hidden Hills home Liddell shares with his wife. After officers determined a verbal argument had turned violent, they arrested the 51-year-old former fighting champ and booked him into jail.

Liddell is 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs about 240 pounds, according to TMZ.

Liddell was later released on $20,000 bail. As he left the jail, he started to flip off a TMZ reporter before punching his fist in the air.


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Just be happy this dbag moved to LA. His act of traipsing around the bars in downtown SLO with his minions in tow pretending he was in Entourage got old pretty quick.

Jorge Estrada

He certainly must have been provoked and the PTSD kicked in. We don’t want make excuses but excuses is what we pay taxes to fund. Just notice the help wanted signs.


“He certainly must have been provoked” So it’s her fault for provoking him?

Interested if taxes and help wanted signs are valid excuses to beat your spouse?

Ask your doctor if the GQP is right for you.



Definitely provoked, she had it coming. Poor guy, an annoying wife and TMZ hounding him.


“…must have been provoked?” Huh??


That’s too bad really. Don’t know why a TMZ reporter would think that he is worth following around? I’d give him some space and only say that he needs to get some real help before he falls over the edge.


Money can’t buy class.