Four bodies found in 13 days near Central Coast roadways

October 3, 2021


In less than two weeks, four bodies were found off roadways in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties.

Shortly before noon on Sept. 18, a juvenile driving with his father spotted a body in a ditch off Union Road near Kleck Road in Paso Robles. The body, which was badly decomposed, was thought to be recently dumped, a witness said.

Paso Robles police officers and San Luis Obispo County Sheriff deputies then processed the scene. The death, which officers did not find suspicious, remains under investigation. Officers have not yet released the deceased’s name.

Shortly before 10 a.m. on Sept. 24, a caller reported a body lying in vegetation off a Highway 33 northbound onramp in Ventura. CHP officers are investigating the death of 30-year-old Kelsey Ann Dillon as a possible homicide. Dillon was homeless at the time of her death.

On the morning of Sept. 26, the body of a 34-year-old man was found near Highway 246 and Sweeney Road outside Lompoc. CHP officers are investigating the death as a possible hit-and-run. The victim’s identity is not being released pending notification of his next of kin.

Shortly before 10 a.m. on Sept. 30, a caller reported a body on the shoulder of the southbound Highway 101 offramp at Donovan Road in Santa Maria. Officers arrived to find the body of a Hispanic male next to the highway, under a tree near a perimeter fence. The man was living in the area, but did not have a fixed address, police said.

While CHP officers deemed the death unusual, they do not suspect the deceased is a homicide victim. Officials are not releasing the man’s name pending notification of his next of kin.


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Four bodies get dumped by the highway over 13 days, each conveniently in a separate agency’s jurisdiction and you nutters are blaming grandmas or Bernie Sanders? I don’t trust for a second Paso PD’s conclusion that one of them is not suspicious. They have neither the practice nor the training to determine such a thing. How high will the bodies need to stack before y’all realize you have a serial killer on your hands here?


California’s homeless. They’re dying like animals! Dying in the bushes and riverbeds and drainage ditches! For decades!! Why? All because some little old granny on a fixed income of 100k per year might lose her home with an ocean view? Yes, California needs Prop 13 to protect such a granny. Heaven forbid little old granny might be forced to sell her home early at a 500k profit and move to Coeur D’Alene, Idaho before she’s ready if she had to pay those high property taxes. So, let’s pass Prop 13 and give granny a tax break. And even give the tax break to doctors, dentists, and lawyers making millions. And even give it to their children! Ah, then use the power of Prop 13’s limited property taxes to enable NIMBYs everywhere. No, no, no. No new development! After all, when California homeowners limit supply, the price of their home goes up. They can do it because their property taxes are limited thanks to little old granny. In the meantime, rents go up, homelessness goes up, and the number of dead bodies found by the roadside goes up. And granny? She’s gonna have a nice time in Coeur D’Alene watching the suffering unfold in California while eating popcorn and watching it on TV with her ill-gotten gains. Evil, evil, evil!! California homeowners are the most evil people on the face of the earth!


You forgot to point out that granny never took meth.

coronet blue

I think that we as a nation need to decide if we are OK with people living on the street. Is this a new normal, Ok, alternative lifestyle? Seems as though a lot of people think its acceptable and facilitate it. Of course the root causes are difficult to conqueor, like drugs and the wealth gap.


The problems brought on by illicit drugs is is easy to conquer, you just have to have the will to do what is necessary to eradicate them.

Jorge Estrada

Just a flash in the pan during the so called COVID pandemic. I’m surprise the number is that low? There is a reason that gun shops are selling out while the media is focused on COVID stories. Maybe people should ask why Bernie Sander wants the USA to borrow money from his gang members in the Federal Reserve Bank (private gang, not our government) and crash our ability to remain a fiscally sovran nation.


“Maybe people should ask why Bernie Sander ”

No, please stop derailing/trolling with completely off topic fringe.


Perfectly normal. America working its way down to third world status.