Man stabs, kills dog amid fight in Atascadero

October 30, 2021


A dog owner stabbed and killed another man’s dog amid a fight between the two animals in Atascadero on Thursday.

Shortly before 6 p.m., witnesses reported a physical fight in the area of Buena Avenue and Sycamore Road. Officers arrived at the scene and found two men involved in a dispute, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Police determined the two men had been walking their dogs off-leash in the Salinas riverbed when the two animals began to fight. Previously, the two dogs had been involved in another incident, police said.

In an attempt to stop Thursday’s fight, one of the men used a pocket knife to stab the other man’s dog, according to the police department. The wounded dog died of its injuries at the scene.

KSBY reports the two dogs involved in the incident were a husky and a Rottweiler. The owner of the husky stabbed the Rottweiler.

Following the stabbing, the men carried the dead or dying Rottweiler to the entrance to the Juan Bautista de Anza trail. A fight between the men then broke out.

A criminal investigation is ongoing. Anyone who has information about the case is asked to contact the Atascadero Police Department at (805) 461-5051.


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Come on people. Wake up. They start telling us to leash our dogs? What’s next? Vaccinating them too. Oh hell no. No government is having control over my choice. Sound familiar?

Kevin Rice

Yeah, it sounds familiar… Like every racist leftist tyrant. Half of SLO county.


The government already has control over that choice. There are already leash laws in many communities along with free and required vaccination for your pets. What’s your point? All of a sudden, a free choice advocate? It won’t fly. Sound familiar?


This isn’t surprising. For whatever reason certain people don’t feel the leash law applies to them. Normally these are the same people who can’t control their dogs off leash. I deal with off leash out of control dogs on a weekly basis. Owners don’t care if their off leash dog annoys other people with on leash dogs. When it happens I yell at the owners to get their dog away they ignore me then I cuss the owners out then they get mad at me because of their own stupidity to choose not to follow leash laws.

Camus Redux

I’ll bet you both of these dog owners have been itching to see how their dog would do in a fight with another dog. They got their answer.


And you base that what?


If you can’t control your animals, and be safe around other’s, you shouldn’t have one. Both owners are at fault due the fact there was a previous history. I feel bad for the dogs because of the blatant negligence and incompetence of their owners. Unfortunately, both dogs suffered for it. Animal abuse if ask me.


Im sure you feel bad enough as it is, but knowing your dogs had any hint of aggression towards other dogs, as fun as it can be, riverbed is not a good idea. Now everyone loses all around. And a knife to break up a dogfight? Just wow. Sorry you lost your dog.


This is why there are leash laws.


We also need leash laws for some dog owners.