Winning $685 million lottery ticket sold at Morro Bay Albertsons

October 5, 2021


A lucky person who purchased a lottery ticket at Albertsons in Morro Bay won a $685 million jackpot in Monday’s Powerball drawing.

The jackpot winner purchased the ticket at the Albertsons located at 730 Quintana Road, according to the California Lottery. The winning numbers were: 12, 22, 54, 66, 69 and lastly 15, the Powerball number.

“One really lucky ticket sold in Morro Bay hit all six numbers in tonight’s huge Powerball drawing!” the state lottery tweeted. “Congratulations to the Albertsons on Quintana Road for selling the big winner!”

The lottery winner now needs to claim his/her winnings. In all, there were 281,498 winning tickets in Monday’s drawing, with prize amounts ranging from $4 to $21,823 for the other prize winners.

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Pay day doesn’t have to happen again but why quit you job if you enjoy it?

Dang! I bought mine there 3 days ago!

Congrats buddy! Too bad this state forces you to announce who you are to the public, so every “charity”, and every long lost brother in law, can harass you for the next ten years or more.

Take the Newsom tax penalty for being lucky, and get out of the state! No state tax Florida looks mighty fine right now!

No one is surprised you play the lottery, aka a tax on those too dumb to figure out statistics. You’ll fit right in in Florida, so please don’t wait to move.

Hopefully it was someone who needed it. Congrats

The ticket was bought by a group of employees, guess Albertson’s will be hiring soon…

Consider this, there are only 11 stores in Morro Bay that sell Lotto Tickets, and now two of them have sold jackpot winners, Albertson’s and Bottle Liquor about 10 years ago for $133 million ($69 million cash).

Mr. Spock couldn’t calculate the odds of that!

Right! What are the odds? I need more than one hand to count the acquaintances locally who have a family member who has won a california state lottery! Actually, wonder what the statistics are for SLO County purchased lottery winners. And people drive all the way to Santa Ynez!

That is Fantastic to know it was a Group? Each will get enough $ to dramatically change their lives. Congrats to each of them!!