Man convicted in the murder of Dystiny Myers facing parole

November 18, 2021

Dystiny Myers


A Nipomo man sentenced to 15 years to life for his involvement in the 2010 murder of 15-year-old runaway Dystiny Myers was granted parole suitability on Thursday.

Jason Greenwell was the only defendant to testify in Myers’ murder trial. In exchange for his testimony, the district attorney’s office agreed to make him eligible for parole after 15 years.

Jason Greenwell testifying at trial

During the 120 days following Thursday’s parole hearing, the audio recording of the hearing will be transcribed and the decision will be subject to review by the board’s legal office. After the 120 days, the decision becomes final. However, the governor then has 30 days to reverse the hearing panel’s decision.

The other four defendants each received sentences of life in prison without the possibility of parole for their involvement in Myers’ murder.

In September 2010, firefighters found Myers’ body burned and buried in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita with her legs bound behind her, sweatpants tied around her throat and a glove stuffed in her mouth.

Greenwell testified that Rhonda Wisto, who was housing Myers at the time, ordered the murder and that Ty Hill helped plan the killing.

Wisto, as well as her son Frank York, stood trial and received first-degree murder convictions with torture and kidnapping enhancements. Hill accepted a plea deal of life in prison without parole in order to avoid the death penalty.

Cody Miller, the fifth defendant, also agreed to a plea deal resulting in life in prison without the possibility of parole. Miller, however, requested that he not receive eligibility for parole because he said he did belong in society. In 2016, Miller committed suicide.

As part of his testimony, Greenwell passed on Myers’ final words as she was beaten to death.

“She said, ‘tell her mom that she loved her,’ ” Greenwell said.

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Greenwell had the ability intervein, and may have tried, but did not.

… “agreed to make him eligible for parol”……… sorry, I lied. You are where you are forever.

So the district attorney makes a deal so he can convict. But the result is that Evil will again be allowed to walk among us as a free man. Well, you idiots that voted for the District Attorney, get what you deserve.

DIFFERENT District Attorney, “idiot”. It was the PREVIOUS DA along with the guy who ran against the current DA who made the deal. We elected the RIGHT DA.

Although I understand the outrage, this is how the justice system works. Usually, there is a squealer who spills the beans so he can cop a plea deal and maybe see the sidewalk again some day. Because of his testimony, other perps will never see that sidewalk. Fair is fair.

This is his first parole hearing and parole is being granted it is very rare for parole to be granted on very first hearing for such a serious crime .I can’t remember what his role was in her killing …the only version of the circumstances would be his version only, as his accomplices didn’t get the sweetheart deal.

If he spent the last 11 years being an informant on other inmates. I could see why he would be released early as CDCR would be running out of places to hide him from inmates he told on

Lemme do the math………………

……….nope, still can’t come up with 15 years served.

What???? Are you freaking kidding me?????

There is no justice in our justice system…we as a people and a nation have lost our way…

You can’t be serious.