Paso Robles school district seeks unity amid political unrest

November 18, 2021


In response to two politically charged incidents at schools in the Paso Robles Unified School District, district officials are seeking to promote unity and tolerance while responding to the incidents, according to a press release on Wednesday.

On Nov. 10, students in the Paso Robles High School’s Conservative Club held flags to honor veterans, while one person held a banner with “f*ck Biden,” a violation of district profanity rules. The politically charged banner prompted elementary school teacher Kristin Usilton to lash out at the political club in a social media post saying its members could “go jump off a bridge.”

The Paso Robles school district announced it is conducting investigations into both the display of the anti-Biden flag and Usilton’s comments before releasing the following announcement.

“Last Wednesday, a student effort to honor Veterans Day was disrupted by a very poor choice to include a profane flag. This both detracted from the intended purpose of the demonstration and led to considerable disruption, including some postings and exchanges on social media that were completely inappropriate.

“The objectionable flag was up for a very limited amount of time, however, we in no way condone nor excuse this misguided action. Students will be appropriately disciplined in accordance with district policies.

“Later that day, a district employee posted comments on social media regarding this event which were inappropriate, and the district is responding accordingly through the Human Resource office. The district will make it clear to all employees that as an employee of PRJUSD, social media is not the appropriate venue for criticism of our students and families and that we must conduct ourselves in a professional manner.

“The community is entrusting their children to our schools and employees. With this stated, we want to emphasize that the district does not tolerate threats on our employees or students, nor do we condone cyber-bullying.

“The district will expand its efforts to hold joint activities which promote tolerance and unity. Veterans Day should be a day for patriotism and honoring service, not yet another politically divisive controversy. We call on the school community to come together as Roblans and Bearcats.”

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There will be no unity, only KPRL-fueled hatred until it is completely defeated.

These poor children.

My problem with these “unity, tolerance, and inclusive” movements, is that it isn’t what they’re actually wanting.

What they’re actually saying is you better except my lifestyle, thoughts, and demands of what I want, or your intolerant, racist, bigoted, homophobic, hateful, or mean spirited. We all have the right to chose what we except in our morality stances. You should never have others beliefs forced upon you. If you want to live a certain way despite the consequences of it, then do it and keep to yourself. Please don’t tell me I have to except and embrace something that goes against my values and way I choose to live and lead my life.

Off by a mile.

On the contrary, the comment is factual based on the past actions and continued direction of these various movements not just locally, but nation wide.

I talked with, and meet with the local leader of the NAACP. There’s a problem with what is being pushed. You can’t speak out of both sides of your mouth. Say something in private conversation what they really feel, but publicly 180 degrees opposite for an obvious reason.

I personally know teacher’s in the PRJUSD, a couple of close friends along with a family member who is a teacher, and another family member who is part of the administration. My late father, and a brother-in-law both worked and retired from the district. It’s not being pulled out of the air, it’s facts based on actions and the reality of agenda’s being pushed.

I would venture say, I’m not the one off by a mile. Thanks for proving my point.

Let me see. Factual. You have talked with someone and met her too. She said something. Then something else. You know people. Some closely. You have family members who have been employed. Facts. OK. Now the blind man sees. You are welcome?

Self aware wolves….. “If you want to live a certain way despite the consequences of it, then do it and keep to yourself.” Live your own words.

But wait “You should never have others beliefs forced upon you. ” From the guy who wants to force his bible pushing thinly veiled hate of anyone who lives a different life. You want “those people” them to keep it to themselves unless It’s approved by your people.

“My problem with these “unity, tolerance, and inclusive” movements, is that it isn’t what they’re actually wanting.” Obviously not what you and others here want either cause all of your constant hate of “the left” style of comments, constant every day lowering the discourse.

That’s the mark of the dividers, unite the chosen, f#ck everyone else with the we have no plan, just tear shit down we don’t like across the country party.


Wow. So much rage, anger, and profanity. I don’t force the Bible on anyone. We all have free will. We all will be judged someday for our individual choice in that area. That judgement will be just for all.

So sad you don’t like different opinions from yours and the debating of those differences. Talk about lowering the discourse.

Unity is not going to happen, we are essentially two separate countries existing within eroding national borders.

Only if we give up on ourselves.

Or if we continue to divide by deceit

You are constantly trying to divide people here, every day showing no interest in unity.

But you can again blame someone else if it gives you a endorphin rush.

Sometimes we need to practice what we preach.

(1) “*” is not profane

(2) The District may not censor political speech.

(3) If #2 is in error, the District must censor ALL political speech (i.e., rainbow flags, BLM, etc).

(4) The existence of political clubs evidences #2 is accurate.

Political speech was not censored. Profanity was. #2 is accurate. # 1 is not. Unless you are saying literally a asterisk is not profane. The flag did not have an asterisk.

That’s obvious about the political speech, from what we hear teacher’s pushing in the classrooms. The classroom isn’t the place to push and promote your personal political and social agenda’s to students. Period.

What do you hear? I once had kids. They went to school. I don´t remember hearing much.

Whenever someone in authority says “Unity” and “Inclusion”, be ready to do it ONLY their way….

Off by a mile.

So not true.

OK. You got me. No unity with racists, pedophiles, or tax cheats.

Unfortunately, all parties have many of those in their mist. It’s not limited to one party unless you’re not truthful and blinded by political ideology, which many are.

Well for the last 35 years Paso schools have had a out of control gang problem … Unity is going to be a long uphill battle

DA Dan Dow should take on gangs in his county like Santa Barbara county!

iDBOUND please show proof of your statement that “for the last 35 years Paso schools have had a out of control gang problem”. I was a PRPD Officer assigned to the schools for 7 years of my 28 year career which encompassed most of that 35 years you talk about. The “gang problems “ on campus were basically not existent minus the occasional graffiti after a weekend. Unless you come with real factual information ie gang related arrests or incidents reported your hyperbolic statement is purely false.

All true Jon. Off by a mile Id.

I’m with you on that.

See. Unity can be achieved. Have a great Thanksgiving.

A small victory for both. Thank you.