76 more Santa Barbara County Jail inmates with coronavirus

December 23, 2021


An additional 76 Santa Barbara County Jail inmates tested positive for COVID-19 during the past two weeks, currently with no hospitalizations or deaths.

After an inmate in the male dormitory tested positive for the coronavirus on Dec. 8, health personnel began widespread testing of inmates at the county jail. Currently, 81 inmates tested positive during December.

The vast majority of the infected inmates, 72, are asymptomatic. Another five inmates have fully recovered.


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So out of 81 who tested positive using the PCR test, which can (and does) return false positives, only 9 had any symptoms? Of those who were symptomatic, it would be interesting to hear what their symptoms were.

At which point does this pandemic end? Is there a “finish line” metric where we go back to normal life? We have the cold and flu every year for the history of human existence and they kill people as well and we don’t lock everything down and change our way of life over it. Also, a lot of the deaths being reported are people who died of other causes who simply tested positive for Covid and died with it, not necessarily of it, of course using a test that is known to be very inaccurate when over-cycled.