Cal Poly requiring students get COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

December 23, 2021


Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo announced Wednesday that it will require students, faculty and staff to receive a COVID-19 vaccine booster shot by Jan. 20, or six months after they have received the final dose of their original vaccination.

The campus will continue to accept medical and religious exemptions. Those who do not receive the booster, will need to be tested every three days during the quarter.

“The major message of this note is simple: Get a COVID-19 booster as soon as you can!” Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong wrote in an email to the campus community. “Fighting a pandemic is a group effort. I have been very proud of how well our community has done so far, and I ask you to keep doing the right thing, for everyone’s sake.”

The California State University System will require students, faculty and staff at its 23 campuses to receive boosters by Feb. 28. Individual campuses can mandate an earlier date.


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Delaying the start of winter would be a better idea. Funny, Armstrong’s logic for switching to semesters was that everyone else was doing it. Most other schools are delaying the start of in-person teaching; Armstrong won’t jump on that wagon because Cal Poly is so deeply vested in making profit only when students are on campus.


Extra Extra! Read all about it! Trump Supports Vaccinations! Says, “It Works”


And here I thought next year was 2022…turns out it’s 1984 :/


Agreed. I still don’t understand the logic of forcing people to take these shots, when those who have had the shots are supposedly so well protected. Obviously the person who decides not to take the shot (that has only been “tested” a year) has weighed the risks for themselves, and might even have a condition where their doctor says it’s a bad idea for them to take it.

It also doesn’t seem fair that many of these students were a year or more into their expensive education before learning they had to take a hardly tested injection for a virus they are not in a risk category for. I think we have to remember Thalidomide was FDA approved as well, and it took about 4 years to see the effects of that, which now cannot be forgotten.


Nobody is “forcing” anything. Don’t want the booster? Take a test. They already were taking the test twice a week!

“Obviously the person who decides not to take the shot, has weighed the risks for themselves”, but not the risk of transmitting to others. Why think of anyone but yourself? The reason you are still mandated to wear a face covering is because people who “weighed the risk for themselves”, decided it was OK to spread it all over the city, county, state, and country.

“…they are not in a risk category for”? Not at risk for dying, you mean. But in a high risk of transmitting the virus to others.


Sometimes I think posts like yours are made up.


How dare they! Don’t they know it’s a students God given right to die from Covid. How dare this institution try to use proven science to help protect the community.