Rescued bull flies through the sky above Cayucos

December 23, 2021



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A bull fell down a 90-foot cliff near Cayucos, then soared high above it upon being airlifted by rescue personnel earlier this week.

On Sunday, Molnar Cattle LLC determined one of its bulls was missing. Following a long search, Molnar Cattle located the bull the following day on a beach below a 90-foot cliff.

Members of the Molnar family descended the cliff early Tuesday morning in an attempt to rescue the bull. They determined they would need help from a helicopter rescue team.

After the bull had been sedated and tied up, a CHP helicopter airlifted it off the beach. The helicopter transported the bull to a Molnar Cattle corral.

“Big thank you to the CHP and Cal Fire for helping us keep this guy alive and well!” Molnar Cattle stated in an Instagram post. “This sure doesn’t happen every day… we hope.”

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Wow! Only in Cayucos! LoL

I’m sure he is confused, wondering how did I wake up and land myself back in this darn pen?

This is great! I’m assuming mr Molnar will be reimbursing the California taxpayers for his personal bull rescue CHP operation? I have pity on the bull for it’s desperate predicament, but this doesn’t seem to be a taxpayer responsibility.

Or, looked at another way, this was an opportunity for the pilot to practice. The next time there’s a person trapped and in need of rescue, the pilot has just that little bit of extra experience. I suppose it is a matter of perspective.

It makes me think of the Prime Rib we’re having for Christmas.

Also, the bull’s MOS orders just published, awarding him ASI 2B and authorizing the permanent wear of the Air Assault Badge.

Is that critter fast-roping out of that chopper?

He’s being extracted after completing his mission. Utilizing FRIES/SPIES. See link:

Nice work all