Grover Beach planning to open cannabis smoking lounges

January 14, 2022


The Grover Beach City Council took the first step on Monday towards revamping the city’s marijuana scene through the inclusion of cannabis lounges.

Taking inspiration from Los Angeles and San Francisco, Grover Beach would be the first city in San Luis Obispo County with marijuana lounges where patrons can smoke pot, vape oils and eat edibles infused with THC. If the state adopts pending new laws, the lounges will also serve nonalcoholic drinks and munchies.

“The City of Grover Beach currently has three cannabis retailers operating in a safe and responsible way with a fourth under construction,” said Grover Beach Mayor Jeff Lee. “Allowing our retailers to expand their business operations will continue to help strengthen our local economy, further transform our commercial spaces, and create new jobs and tax revenue for the Grover Beach community.”

The city would allow indoor and outdoor locations, on the condition that the spaces not be visible from public areas, and that the odors be properly filtered so as not to be noticeable in nearby properties or public spaces. In line with cannabis retail shops, the lounges will have a 9 p.m. curfew.

The measure requires a final vote at a Grover Beach City Council meeting in March, following public input.

“The Grover Beach City Council’s recent policy decisions relating to the cannabis industry have further demonstrated their commitment to a thoughtful, responsible, and safe approach to expanding this industry in Grover Beach,” said Matthew Bronson, Grover Beach city manager. “We have seen the benefits this industry has brought to our community in providing jobs and expanding city revenues to allow us to better meet the needs of our thriving community.”


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Which City is more corrupt – SLO or Grover Beach?

Helios Dayspring, Nick Andre, Quinn Brady, and Megan’s Organic Market rigged the dispensary selection process in the City of San Luis Obispo to make sure they would get more points, and it’s a fact that MOM INC aka Megan’s Organic Market is a front for Helios Dayspring. The City of SLO let MOM SLO LLC get away with falsifying the initial permit application which hid Helios Dayspring’s $1 million dollar convertible note/future controlling ownership. Obviously this was utilized to hide his attempts to monopolizing of the local industry.

Then in Feb 2021 the City allowed MOM SLO LLC to transfer ownership to MOM USA LLC which was formed to add an extra layer of ownership to hide the actual owners of newly formed MOM INC a Delaware Corporation with Nick Andre, Tara Graves, Megan Souza, Eric Powers, and Mark Cardona as its board of directors. The shareholders of MOM INC were never disclosed because Helios Dayspring is the majority owner. The original MOM SLO LLC permit application was intentionally fraudulent and the subsequent list of owners was fraudulent going so far as to list Mark Cardona’s wife rather than Mark to appear more female owned.

Why Delaware you ask? Because the shareholder information of Delaware Corporations are secret unless there is a law enforcement investigation. The City of SLO doesn’t want more egg on its face so they are refusing to investigate or admit their oversight.


Cigarettes bad, herb ok indoors… The pick and choose of California progressives.


I’d say they’re making the right choice this time. Everyone knows the tobacco leads to cancer and cannabis use leads to the munchies. Most progressives aren’t stupid


Just stupid. Adding to an existing problem. I’m sure glad I don’t live in Grover. God help us.


I guess you don’t like bars either.


I guess you didn’t get “adding to an existing problem” part of my comment. See below as well.


Actually, if people switch from alcohol to cannabis we will be relieving Several “existing problems”, including alcoholism and drunk driving. For example: Too often we hear of people getting drunk and beating their spouses. We don’t hear similar things regarding the use of cannabis alone.


You don’t hear because you don’t want to. Turn from both and seek sobriety. Much better place.


Actually, the biggest existing problem is that people in the United States are arrested and penalized for using cannabis. That is horrible and not just.

kevin rise

Why so angry?


Not angry, just truthful and practical.

Adam Trask

Far superior to an alcohol bar. With booze it’s best to stick to one type—all vodka or all bourbon. Mixing can often lead to serious hangover issues. And smoking is usually limited to tobacco, which is nasty, at any level.

But, with pot, you can sample a little indica and when you get mellow enough, a nice sativa can lift you back up. Add to that a few chocolate edibles or maybe some gummies. Have a nice drink of a cannabis infused tea. Stimulate that with some good conversation—unlike the testosterone driven banter that takes place at a booze bar—and you have an enjoyable experience.

But, as with alcohol, make sure to have a designated driver.


Evidence of “bong” residue and the effects of debased minds.

kevin rise

Why so critical of such a novel medicine like marijuana? Haven’t you read any journals on it’s benefits? Did you get too stoned once? You know psychedelic mushrooms are good for you as well. Do you take any Medications?


By all means, keep partaking in both while increasing the very apparent damage they seem to be doing. One toke and shroom at a time to weed out the chaff. Eventually we will return to sensibility in due time.


Imagine Seth Rogens laugh X10. A room full of stoners. What a delight.


Since the city already spent the projected tax revenue from the dispensaries and the actual revenue fell considerably short they have two options, cut the items funded by the now non existant revenue or figure out how to raise more tax money. Hopefully the city won’t do the same thing and go ahead and spend the new projected revenue before receiving what will likely be a lower amount, and just keep digging a deeper hole.


Me thinks Kayaknut is dead wrong.

Me thinks you should check your facts before making false allegations.

Me thinks you should actually read the proposed budget of which I have provided a convenient link.

Me thinks you should visit a lounge and chill out.


SLO is full of bars and drunks, GB will be full of bars and stoners. Just wonderful.


A business dedicated to individuals getting intoxicated?!? How deplorable! You’ll find me at the bar…


as if drunk drivers weren’t bad enough…


If people would switch from alcohol to cannabis, and leave alcohol alone, traffic accidents will surely decrease. However the incidents of people driving past their intended offramp will likely increase. Maybe a new law could insist that one alcohol bar must close for every cannabis lounge that opens. If that would happen the number of fatal traffic accidents would likely decrease significantly.


A better thought would be that both would end and truly lead to less traffic accidents and deaths. Your “new law” sounds like an idea that came from “puff the magic dragon” and clouded effects of it. Ignorance at times could be bliss.