San Luis Obispo City Council green lights large mixed-use development

January 18, 2022


The San Luis Obispo City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to give the green light to a proposed mixed-use project near the intersection of Orcutt Road and Broad Street.

The proposed Bullock Ranch project includes 88 bungalow or carriage houses, 96 townhouse apartments and another eight townhouses, of which seven would be live-work units where a person’s work and living space is combined. The development is also slated to include 585 square feet of commercial space and a 1,766 square foot community center that would consist of a fitness center, lease office, pool building, outdoor pool area, mailboxes and a bicycle maintenance room.

Landscaped seating areas are planned throughout the residential community along with an outdoor kitchen for neighborhood gatherings.

The almost 11 acre site is located between Bullock Lane and Ranch House Road.

Bullock Ranch LLC is the project applicant. State filings show an office located in Los Angeles, and ywo members — El Cajon resident John Young and Los Angeles resident Barry Ephraim. The developers plan to start construction in early fall.


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Discussion anyone?

-For decades, SLO famously would not allow anyone to build up (blocks mountain views) build-out (land purchased for greenspace) build above (viewshed), and prohibited landowners (Dalidio, Madalena, and Righetti are good examples) from doing what they wanted with their properties, including building housing…until now. So they’ve sold and/or decided to develop.

-The point is, there is a lot of building going on right now. Ok, true. But SLO said no for decades.

-When the Arbors area was greenlit, they sold immediately, even though there was still a gap of open space from Cole Dodge on down. (This is east of the Broad and Tank Farm intersection) and that was really it…for years and years.

-So if a town didn’t allow you to build up, out, or fill in, or expand for that long, our prices increased and everyone complained.

-Now they are allowing building new homes of all shapes, sizes, and surely densities and everyone is complaining about that too.

– Keep in mind, SLO won’t be a sprawl as it cannot build in the surrounding areas. We won’t build up the grade, connect to Shell Beach or Pismo, climb the hills to the east, and the ranges between Los Osos and west of Perfumo Canyon cannot be built on.

They can’t finish and sell all the proposed housing currently approved for the adjoining Righetti Ranch project. How does this make any logical sense?

Water, sewage, roads, traffic, crime, garbage. Our infrastructure can barely sustain the population of 30 years ago. Yet, the city once again approves another massive housing burden, brought to you by people that do not live here, and only want to bring their big city sprawl and destruction of nature with them.

Thank you , SLO city council. You are still proving that you hate SLO.

Where are you going to steal the water from SLO? The north county again?

So everyone commenting doesn’t have children? Where are our kids suppose to live?

You can down vote all you want. But that still doesn’t explain where the next generation is going to live? Or are you a “I got mine, so who cares about you?” person? Did you move here from L.A., S. F. Fresno, or Bakersfield? Worked your entire life to finally afford to be here? And now that you are…who cares about the kids who have grown up here right?

Understand this and you’ll have your answer; Space is finite.

I understand and I totally agree. No one wants to be another Bakersfield nor L.A. but this “Don’t grow” campaign is touted by the same people whom left their towns to come and take over our space! And because they saved and saved and paid ridiculous prices to get out of Bakersfield. (Cause who wants to live in Bakersfield?) The Locals can’t find housing, and forget anything affordable. They complain about building new housing? What do they expect is going to happen when they show up here increasing our population?

From SLO growth + come up for air to “stack and pack” all within 25 years. How progressive-

The city of SLO is trying to cram as many people into every square inch by overbuilding. The theory is that people will not drive as much because they are close to work and shopping and this will save the planet from global warming. People actually are healthier and happier when they have space, lawns, gardens etc. Cramming people into micro housing causes people to become overly stressed which leads to less happy and healthy people. We need to start electing representatives who truly understand what is good for our community.

One the plus side my crappy little single family home is worth a million bucks…

Get ready SLO, urban sprawl is heading your way. Now the view from Cerro San Luis won’t be farmland any longer, it will be the view of ugly rooftops.

Will the be staring at the low 900, 000s

And where is the water for this infrastructure supposed to be siphoned from? Zero thought to the repercussions of this investment style slum :/