Bull attacks four bicyclists in Bakersfield, video

February 15, 2022


A bull attacked four cyclists during an off-road event in Bakersfield on Saturday.

A cyclist participating in the Biancho Rock Cobbler annual off-road cycle race was riding toward the rear of a bull on the dirt and gravel track, when the bull turns around and the animal and cyclist collide. As the man attempts to get up, the bull charges him.

During the race, the bull charged four cyclists. None of the cyclists suffered serious injuries.

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Ahhhh look at the pretty cow…lets ride up to it and pet it….Buuuaaahahaha

Stupid is as stupid does.

And that ain’t no bull..

I can see that this bike rider didn’t grab the bull by the horns, score one for the bull.

Now what dumb ass put a bike riding event thru a bull field to start with.

That was awesome. Bull 2, cyclist 0. I wonder if that bull is for hire? It might help around here making cyclist obey the rules of the road themselves.

Watch, they’ll probably try and sue the bull’s owner and ask for damages.

Next time, steer around the bull.


Bull: “Take your toy to a playground!”

Cyclists may hog the road and if there’s an accident the driver may face a judge but the rules in the bull pen depends on the bull.

Cyclists are legally entitled to ride on most roads. If you don’t like this, please move to a state that restricts this and stop complaining about the laws here.

Or Jorge can work within the democratic system to change them. That is an option.

Making a change to any law begins with someone somewhere complaining about something. Or did I miss something?

The laws would work fine if the bicyclists would obey them. It’s hard to give 3′ of clearance when they’re riding 3 abreast…

A 3 second “safety sounding” of your horn would alert them to your presence. And alert other cars too that you are in their lane while avoiding bikes.