Cal Poly to lift mask mandate in mid-March

February 24, 2022


Following the state and San Luis Obispo County easing masking requirements, Cal Poly’s Office of the President announced Thursday that during spring quarter masks will no longer be required in classroom settings for vaccinated students, but will stay in place until the end of winter quarter in mid-March.

Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong cited high vaccination rates combined with low levels of COVID-19 cases on campus as the reason for the change.

“To be clear, these rule changes apply only to fully vaccinated persons—if you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including having received a booster if eligible, you must continue to wear a mask in all indoor spaces on campus and must continue to test every three days until further notice,” Armstrong said.

Cal Poly administrators announced last Friday that the campus-wide mask mandate would be lifted immediately for those who are fully vaccinated in all indoor campus facilities except for classrooms.

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Why mid March, how about now…

So glad President Armstrong’s crystal ball is telling him things will be safe enough to end mask mandates in mid-March. Why isnt it safe enough now to end them?

He’s giving himself an “out” in case things spike or …whatever is next, he has room to change his mind before then.

Thanks Jeffery, you’re such a great guy. Even with this, you still hang on to the power of fear and intimidation of your staff, faculty, and students with the majority of your statement. The unspoken side effects of COVID-19.