Find out why I support Stew Jenkins for SLO County Clerk

February 6, 2022

Opinion by Debbie Peterson

Here’s a chance to have a little fun and adventure! A drive-by petition signing for Stew Jenkins, running for SLO County Clerk-Recorder in the 2022 election. Candidates need a significant number of signatures to get on the ballot. Signing doesn’t mean you are voting for a candidate, just that you support their right to run for office. But after you get a chance to meet Stew, I know you will want to support him!  I do!

I have known Stew for many years, as a friend, a mentor, and professionally. Without fail Stew has been positive, and pro-active, always ready with a good word. It is Stew who taught me reverence for transparency in office and good governance and always supported the many stands I took for integrity in local government, and Stew made many successful stands of his own for integrity in government.

Stew has consistently worked across the aisle and is respected on all sides for his ability to listen and converse constructively. I know Stew will bring trusted and inspired leadership in his role as County Clerk-Recorder.

More than ever, we need a Clerk-Recorder we can trust to be scrupulously honest who will  stand their ground for open elections. You can trust Stew to be all that and more. I do.

Drive by my home-office at 160 S 3rd St Grover Beach between noon and 2 p.m. on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, to sign Stew Jenkins’ petition to run. Take the opportunity to meet and talk with Stew. You are welcome to step out of your vehicle and socialize in my courtyard or remain in your vehicle if time or health dictates.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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What, business slow, Stew. Need the money and attached pension? Sad.

My votes is going to stop-the-steal-Stew!

And well he’s never worked a day in his life in the Elections Department or a Clerk Recorders Office. Yeah, he’s qualified. He’s about as qualified as me and my friends like me too, so that doesn’t mean a whole lot.

This is going to be interesting. The Tribune is clearly out to sink Jenkins’ campaign. CCN is his cheerleader. Who will prevail? Stay tuned!

Tribune ownership not gonna win this time =)

Why didn’t you mention his years of experience as a Clerk/Recorder?

The experience required is extensive. Elections are only a portion of the responsibilities involved- that’s why the position is Clerk-RECORDER. Stew may have read a few chapters on election law but I have read many articles on airplanes but that doesn’t qualify me to be a pilot.

I, too, have known Mr. Jenkins for years. I would not support nor vote for him under any circumstances. His self proclaimed experiences in elections do not exist. Further, the Clerk-Recorder is a Department head responsible for the morale, training, motivation and ensuring a staff fully carries out the responsibility of the office in an effective and efficient manner. In my opinion, Mr. Jenkins does not have the skills necessary to carry out the duties of this office.