Passenger shot in alleged Highway 101 road rage incident near Orcutt

March 4, 2022


A gunman shot a passenger in a vehicle Thursday night in an apparent road rage incident on Highway 101 near Orcutt. [KSBY]

The apparent road rage incident involved two vehicles on Highway 101 near Clark Avenue. At about 10:40 p.m., a person inside one of the vehicles shot into the other vehicle, allegedly striking a passenger in the shoulder.

CHP officials say the wounded passenger was driven to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.

At about 11:30 p.m., a Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect’s vehicle on Highway 1 near Harris Grade. Deputies stopped the vehicle and took four individuals into custody.

Investigators also found guns inside the car. The investigation into the shooting remains ongoing.

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Par for the course. Me first is the way we do it now.

I wonder which politician we learned that one from…

Another example of how guns make us all safer…..Not!

and how many of those guns do you think were legally obtained. I’d bet ZERO.

I’m 90% sure the gun had help….

And your plan to curtail gun crime is?

Up to 2.5 million legal use of firearms each year, to save lives or thwart criminal activity. CDC numbers, not mine nor the NRA.

Legal ownership of firearms has nearly doubled since 2000, and annual firearm sales have nearly tripled, yet firearm crimes specifically, and overall crime have continued to fall since 1995. FBI numbers, not mine nor the NRA. Apparently, more guns really does mean less crime.

Criminal commit crimes. That’s the only conclusion a rational person would fathom from this article.

Another example of how democrats are not at all serious about criminal sentencing, especially when those criminals illegally possess and/or use guns in the commission of crimes.