Santa Maria teen pleads not guilty to shooting pregnant woman

March 25, 2022

Irvin Yair Gabino-Perez


A Santa Maria teen pleaded not guilty on Thursday to felony charges stemming from a shooting earlier this month in which a pregnant woman became caught in crossfire between rival gangs. [KCOY]

On March 12, there was an exchange of gunfire between rival gangs in the area of Fesler Street and N. Benwiley Avenue. A 32-year-old pregnant woman with no known gang affiliation was caught in the crossfire and wounded.

The pregnant woman and her unborn child received treatment at a nearby hospital. Santa Maria police previously said both the woman and fetus were expected to survived.

Investigators determined Irvin Yair Gabino-Perez, 18, was one of the individuals involved in the shooting. Officers arrested the teen on Tuesday.

Prosecutors then charged Gabino-Perez with carrying a loaded handgun without proper registration and having a concealed firearm. Gabino-Perez pleaded not guilty to the charges in court in Santa Maria on Thursday.

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THAT’S a teen???

To be fair he’s an adult (18). The story gets more clicks by positioning him as a teen (even though it’s technically accurate).

Bump in the road, he’ll be out and further empowered ASAP, and with enhanced gang cred’s. “Santa Maria, great idea”, still believe that? Gangs control most areas of Santa Maria. The cops are ineffective blue helmet peace-keeping forces. And this is not to criticize the cops, I don’t think they can do any more and there is no path forward. Santa Maria is lost, forever. MS-18 might as well appoint the mayor.