Atascadero man allegedly caught with large Fentanyl stash

March 25, 2022


Atascadero police officers arrested a Paso Robles man on Thursday, who was out on bail yet allegedly in possession of about a half pound of Fentanyl.

Shortly before 11 a.m., an Atascadero police officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle near the intersection of W. Mall and El Camino Real. Officers contacted Joshua Keith Hill, 43, who was out on bail and facing drug charges, according to the Atascadero Police Department.

Due to the conditions of Hill’s bail, officers could search his vehicle. Officers searched the car and found about a half pound of Fentanyl and a large amount of cash.

A lethal dose of Fentanyl is 2 milligrams, according to Drug Enforcement Agency publications. Hill possessed the equivalent of about 124,850 lethal doses of Fentanyl, police said.

Officers booked Hill in the San Luis Obispo County Jail on a charge of possession of Fentanyl for sale with a bail enhancement because of Hill’s continued criminal behavior while out on bail.

Hill currently remains in custody with his bail set at $510,000.

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He should have additional charges due the fact he was in possession of the deadly drug just a few blocks from Atascadero Jr. High and Atascadero High school. There are hundreds of kids that traverse through this area daily during the school week. Don’t think for a moment this piece of sh.. wasn’t looking to sell to these kids. Where’s Clyde Sheldon when you need him?

What country was it manufactured in?

Not sure but the country this crime was committed in was the United States of America.

Most likely China but India is trying hard to take that title away.

“Unlike China, which has now designated over 100 fentanyl variants and precursors on its list of controlled substances, India has not placed fentanyl, or most other opioids, on its controlled substances list, easing production and export.”

One has to wonder that if China was the origin of COVID and China has been poisoning the globe with Fentanyl and China doesn’t take a critical stance against the USSR’s barbaric attack on the citizens of the Ukraine, why do the Smart People continue to donate so much wealth to China?

Because they’re not smart people. They’re actually evil people.

Because all they care about is money, and they will do almost anything to enrich themselves or their families. Both sides of the political aisle historically (Nixon, Kissinger…) but unfortunately at this moment this corruption runs to the upper levels of our industries, media, entertainment and executive government.


Sure, China produces the fentanyl, because the market demands it.