Woman killed fleeing officers in Nipomo, involved in previous chase

March 19, 2022

Jessica Moreno following a high-speed chase in 2017


California Highway Patrol officers identified the 28-year-old woman who was killed Thursday morning while fleeing officers near Nipomo as Jessica Moreno. This was not the Santa Maria woman’s first high-speed chase.

In 2017, a resident caught Moreno and Luis Garcia burglarizing a home. The pair then fled in a stolen vehicle, before leading officers on a high-speed chase in Santa Maria.

At the time, Moreno was charged with burglary, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of drugs and paraphernalia, and possession of stolen property

On Thursday morning, with Guadalupe police officers in pursuit, Moreno fled southbound on Bonita School Road near Nipomo. While attempting a curve in the road, Moreno lost control of her car and crashed into a telephone pole.

Moreno died at the scene. CHP officers are conducting an investigation into the fatal crash.

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here is how I see it, #1 , the system treats woman differently , At 28 This is a Sin.. Stupid.. Kids..

Might Lock People up who do bad things.. Who Lost The World, Friends, Family.. Yes Her family friends Should of Spoke up … Maybe People Will learn a Lesson .. Very Sad It Happened , Remember Folks you were once 28 .. Makes Folks Sad, & Angry.. !

So why were Guadalupe police in pursuit with her in the first place? But the real question I have is, was the pursuit within Guadalupe’s policies. I’m guessing they have pursuit policies. Those policies are there to protect the public. This pursuit could have ended in the injury or death of some innocent resident just out doing their everyday business. Because?. She didn’t come to a complete stop at an intersection, or was she involved in an armed robbery. Yeah, that really does make a difference. That’s why police agencies have pursuit policies to make sure that they are not putting peoples lives in danger over things that aren’t worth putting peoples lives in danger over.

I appreciate your frustration, but the one who is the root cause of putting all lives in danger, including all officers involved, is Ms. Moreno. Her unfortune poor choices and criminal actions led to tragic incident. There are consequences to stealing a persons car and fleeing from Police. She had a previous arrest for the same thing. She knew better and the dangers. The Police did their job. Why didn’t she pull over? That’s the real question and again the root cause.

Probably trying to give her the citizen of the year award.

Per another news source – Authorities say a Guadalupe police officer spotted a car that had been reported stolen out of the San Luis Obispo area and initiated a pursuit. A few minutes later, the driver of the car lost control at a slight turn in the roadway and crashed into a utility pole.

Apparently a 2010 Honda Accord. That’s a real valuable vehicle. Not. The police are suppose to use judgment in situations like this when it’s obvious the person fleeing isn’t. Fortunately no innocent bystanders were injured in this pursuit over an old Honda Accord. There are times when the police need to dial back the adrenaline and end a pursuit in the interest of the publics safety.

The value and age of the car makes no difference. The judgement of the officers was correct. Apprehending felons and those breaking the law is their sworn duty. The judgement and decisions by Ms. Moreno were not long before the fatal end. The rush of adrenaline is natural in stressful situations. I didn’t see any information on the length of the pursuit before this terrible tragedy took place or if there was any time to “dial back ” the pursuit as you put it. What was the traffic situation and the speed at the time? These are all factors. Was she impaired in any way that added to the problem? The interest of public safety to the innocent was the result of Ms. Moreno stealing the car and then fleeing, not the officers.

Fricken” Trolls… Somebodys daughter, sister, cousin and friend died here. Show a little empathy. Just don’t post anything.

I wonder how much empathy Jessica Moreno showed to the victims of her crimes?

So why didn’t her family and friends help her to turn from a lifestyle that led to this terrible and tragic end. A little intervention might have saved her life. I have sympathy for all but this was preventable.

I don’t see anyone “happy” over her loss. But grateful she didn’t take someone with her. It’s very very sad. But you play dangerous games, and dangerous consequences are bound to happen. Someone is responsible for her death. Herself.

Her choices put others and herself in danger. I’m sad for her family. Sad for her loss. And sad her family could not stop her from dangerous games.

You two JTs are pretty insensitive to loss of life.

It seems that Santa Maria lost a real pillar to their community…….

Isn’t that just to darn bad.

Very poor choices and choosing crime over a better way is the cause of her death. So sad that such a young life given to end this way. I’m thankful she didn’t injure or kill anyone else.