SLO County statutory rape victim speaks out

April 6, 2022


Law enforcement is investigating allegations of sexual misconduct against Julian Contreras, an owner of Kin Coffee Bar in San Luis Obispo, and Nate Abate, the owner of Nate’s Barber and Hair Design in Atascadero, after over 30 women came forward with allegations on social media.

The victim in a 2009 arrest for statutory rape told CalCoastNews her story of alleged sexual molestation by Contreras and Abate. CalCoastNews is referring to the victim as BB to protect her privacy.

At 13 years old, while still in middle school, BB first met the two high school graduates at a party at Contreras’ parent’s home in Santa Margarita. She then began hanging out with them.

After plying her with alcohol and marijuana, Contreras and Abate would have sex with the teen, she said. At that time, the sex was consensual, BB said.

While in Contreras’ home in Santa Margarita in 2009, the teen said Abate sexually assaulted her, while Contreras was in the same room.

When she arrived home, BB’s mother encouraged her to go to the hospital for a rape test. DNA was found and law enforcement mounted an investigation.

At the time, BB refused to talk with prosecutors or testify.

In 2012, prosecutors dropped the charges of statutory rape and digital penetration in exchange for a plea deal. Abate pled to false imprisonment, according to court records.

While BB is aware that Abate agreed to a plea deal, she is hoping the SLO County District Attorney’s Office will file charges against Contreras and help prevent this from happening to others.

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Karen V does it again!! Great job Karen! We so much appreciate your efforts to tell the stories no one else has the guts to bring to light! And Grateful to bring to light the ugly truth behind rape.

\For too many years in this county, Rape was a word rarely spoken. Our system seemed to disregard the victims for way too long. The only way to stop these vicious assaults is to bring them to light, actually rightfully exposing these perps. So they can’t continue their sick attacks on the innocent.

\ I personally know 2 victims, one that sunk into years of fear and self destruction. And one told, and nothing came of it! The Sheriff even has the DNA. But as far as she knows, has never investigated this devastating crime. That has to change! These pervs act out again and again. They don’t just do it once. And as long as they get away with it, in their sick minds, they justify themselves.

\ Rape and Child Molestation is not about the sex, IT’s about the Control! IT should be treated like Murder, with NO statute of limitations. Cause once someone suffers a rape, they are dealing with it for LIFE!

I knew his parents as a customer to their family business, a Mexican Food restaurant in Santa Margarita many years ago. They worked hard to make ends meet for their family, sadly their child is now in the news for different reasons, this should be a wakeup call for that so called village needed to raise our children.

village needed to raise our children” What the hell does that even mean? It’s somehow society’s fault that the child of hard working parents turned out to be a criminal pervert? What happened to personal responsibility? Bad people make bad decisions on their own and you can’t try to shift the blame on their parents, upbringing, or society. Sometimes the apple falls far from the tree.

Great points presented there. Seems to be a Conservative step in your thoughts. If I remember correctly, it was Hillary Clinton who stated it “takes a village”. She’s been wrong with her thoughts for a long time. Thanks for calling those false narratives out in your words.

I feel for the family. I can’t imagine seeing your son in the paper for this reason.

We need to look no further than who is prevailing in America’s culture war to understand why young people can get caught up as both prey and victims in such debauchery and personal debasement.

WOW, you are really trying to blame Trυmр for the vile actions of these perverts raping young girls? No matter how tasteless his disgusting “Grab them by the p***y” line was, these criminals are alone ultimately responsible for their own evil misdeeds. Stop trying to blame victims and has-been political clowns.

“vile actions of these perverts” Like the Tennessee gQp who wants no gay marriage, but child brides are ok ?

Or how about Idaho? “Idaho legislators rejected a bill that would have blocked marriage for youth under age 16 in the state, The Idaho Statesman reported.

The bill, proposed, by Democratic Representative Melissa Wintrow, aimed to prevent children under 16 from getting married and would require consent of the child, parents and a court before a marriage. Current state law allows children younger than 16-years-old to get married with parental and judicial consent, and teens who are 16 and older to get married with only parental consent.

The GOP-controlled House of Representatives voted against the legislation in a 39-28 vote on Thursday.”

“Study finds U.S. child marriages violate statutory rape laws in 14 states”

“has-been political clowns” That are continuing to run for office as long as the contributions keep arriving.

As long as it’s not gay the gop is all in with child brides. That’s the gQp conservatives standard policy for years and years.

If you vote gqp, you support it. In for a penny.

“It’s not rape if you marry the victim” -Some state gop’s /s

They’re both sick individuals that need to be served some justice one way or another. Be it through the courts or other means. It looks like the one business is closed, and the same should come to the other one. Everyone needs to stop doing any business with Nate Abate, and the same to this goofy coffee shop if it ever reopens. The best we can do at this point is hurt them in their pocket book.

Sick people like this if left to their ways, will commit these assaults again. It’s just a matter of time before their perverted sickness will hang them. It will happen. Justice will be served. Just another example of a fallen world with no respect or care for others, while being driven by the god of their belly.

” Everyone needs to stop doing any business with Nate Abate, and the same to this goofy coffee shop”

So cancel culture them.

It’s obvious they’ve done that to themselves.

They should call him Master Abate, because that’s the only consensual action he is able to get!

You are a cunning linguist.

What exactly could they possibly charge him with? Im sorry but this is nothing more than a smear job at this point, a decade later. Plea deal was agreed to. Move on.

After plying her with alcohol and marijuana, Contreras and Abate would have sex with the teen

Reading is fundamental. Abate copped a plea. Contreras was never charged.

Do you see nothing wrong with an adult having sex with a 13 year old?

Contraras can’t be charged with providing alcohol to minor 10 years later. Abate made a deal. Again. Move on.

It literally says Contreras had sex with the teen.

Direct quote from the article:

Contreras and Abate would have sex with the teen, she said.

Now back to your first question:

What exactly could they possibly charge him with?

And to connect the dots…

Contreras was an adult who was getting a 13 year old drunk and having sex with her.

In America that is called rape.

They will charge him with rape of a minor.

I’ll make it real easy for you; the law is paramount to anyones feelings.

Ironic for you to say “the law is paramount” because there is no law against victims publicly sharing a truthful account of their assault, even if the perpetrator was already charged or the statute of limitations is up.

The law is quite clear that truth is an absolute defense to any defamation claims, because one of the elements that must be proven in a defamation suit is falsity of the statement. If a statement is true, it cannot be false, and therefore, there is no prima facie case of defamation.

So why are you getting your panties in a bunch about what you claim is a “smear job” if, as you say, “the law is paramount to anyone’s feelings” and there is absolutely nothing illegal about the victims speaking out, so keep YOUR feelings about it being a smear job out of it.

A plea deal was agreed to against one of this duo for one of the thirty women they assaulted. Sounds like we are just getting started with what we could possibly charge them with. And you think we should just “move on”? Or are you just mad that your good buddies Contreras and Abate never cut you in on their action?

Never met either. The law, is paramount, to anyone’s feelings; know this.

Actually there is the legal question and then there is the moral question. Do I not have the right to know if the guy running my coffee shop and the guy who cuts my hair likes to molest and rape 13-year-olds? Do I not have the right to make an informed choice? Kudos to CalCoast, Tribune, Congalton, Mustang News. Everyone reporting on this. I don’t give a crap if they’re arrested or not–these douche bags are being tried in the court of public opinion and these women are finally being heard.

“Court of public opinion” is exactly why the Flores-Smart trial is headed outside the county.

There’s a reason we still hunt down Nazis and make a big deal out of it putting them on trial for genocide, it matters; regardless if we throw stones in a glass house as a country. Crime is crime; because a murder happened or a rape 20 years ago doesn’t make it not real, I do wish people wouldn’t settle for a plea, but as we know, lawyers can be scumbags and bleed anyone dry trying to defend their honor and do the right thing. Off with them, Nate and Julian. It’s about time. We also know that public defender’s can be lazy POS collecting a check and pension on our behalf and do squat. And as I said to you earlier, they are accused pedophiles and innocent until proven guilty, but guilt looks strong here, and you know what happens to men like that in Prison? No one, aside from you apparently and some religious zealots, likes pedophiles.

I agree with the responders! But IF the LAW won’t hold these perps accountable. Then the Community will! Cause BE SURE THE TRUTH WILL FIND ITS WAY OUT!

ITs Best this way! If the Smear” Campaign makes even one potential perp rethink what he is about to do? Then its all worth it!!

UnusualSuspect: What they caused, is that then 13yr old girl a LIFE sentence of anxiety, fear, self loathing, distrust, depression, etc..that rape has had a daily impact on her entire life. So Don’t tell us to just “Move ON”. They denied her the ability to have a life without the oppression of that Rape. You have sympathy for the wrong people!

Absolutely not. If you are thirteen, the sex is NOT consensual.

Unless the 13 year old is married to the accuser in some US states.

Thanks US GQP.