Vague threat delivered to San Luis Obispo County supervisors

April 13, 2022


A vague threat was delivered to San Luis Obispo County’s five supervisors earlier this month.

An unidentified person delivered a typed letter titled, “If you see something say something,” on April 1. The letter writer claims to have overheard a conversation in which several guys make vague threats against the board.

“Me and my buddy were out last weekend and heard a couple guys talking about how much they hate the board of supervisors – saying now that there [sic] doing in person meetings again we can finally do something about it,” the letter says. “The one guy says if not this next meeting then the one after that. The other guy says what about other people that might be there – the public, like.

“The first guy says if there stupid enough to support those commie criminals they deserve what they get. Didn’t hear much else but maybe its better to be safe.”

It is unknown if the letter was an April Fools’ Day prank. Regardless, because of the vague nature of the threat, the county is not taking any action at this time.

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The BOS are the real threat here. Gentrification much? They all lay on their backs for a dollar, or bend over. Or have someone polish their head.

I agree. Gibson and Ortez-Legg are big threat to the freedoms of our county residents.

“Who needs action when you got words.”

I see no reason to be fearful, most of us are well vetted locals who attend public meetings and would defend are right to have differences.

Let’s hope this is not a trick by some to move the supervisor meetings back to virtual, governmental bodies have for too long played hide and seek with virtual meeting, it’s important for transparency to have all meetings in person.

But working in my pajamas with a Manhaton and a twist of lemon is awesome….