Bruce Jones is the best candidate for north SLO County

May 13, 2022

Dr. Bruce Jones


The SLO Tribune’s editorial misses the mark on the District 2 supervisor race when it chastises Dr. Bruce Jones for saying, during a debate, that he is “the only candidate in the District 2 supervisor race that’s endorsed by the Republican Party of SLO County and the Republican Party of the state of California.”

Yes, it is a non-partisan race. Yet people affiliated with Geoff Auslen’s campaign have called in to north county radio station KPRL several times with claims that Dr. Jones was not endorsed by the state party, wrongly insinuating he was being dishonest about his endorsements. And in his latest KPRL radio advertisement, Mr. Auslen falsely claims Dr. Jones just moved to town.

I believe Dr. Jones is battling disinformation and not attempting to make the race partisan. His background on the Templeton Area Advisory Group and experience as a hospital board chair, make Dr. Jones the best candidate for District 2 supervisor.

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I personally know Auslen to be corrupt, as do many others. I’ll take Bruce Jones, John Whitworth, or even, excuse me as I choke on my vomit, Bruce Gibson over the evil and scheming Auslen.

Be assured, any vote NOT for Dr Jones, will be a vote for the STATUS QUO. Those who run this county are pushing hard so their “alternative” candidate will be in the runoff with Sup. Gibson. Win-win for them either way. Big loss for us who want the county cleaned up.

To start with, the Tribune misses the mark on everything. Nothing new there. I like Mr. Jones, but my vote is going for a Constitution Conservative and a man of very high morals, values, integrity, character, honesty, and leadership, John Whitworth.

Mr. Jones does have the local support of the Republican Party. I find it interesting that Geoff Auslen didn’t get endorsed by them for the obvious reason. He’s really a Democrat. His wife is part of the SLO Progressives who support Gibson and have used funds from the corrupt pot industry. It’s also known that Auslen has also taken money from the pot moguls.

It’s so disgusting to see so many so-called Republicans in the North County supporting Auslen. They are the types that probably like Linsey Graham, Mitch McConnel, Liz Chaney, and Mitt Romney. RINO’s at best. As Auslen says in his add, “Geoff with a “G”. Well, what I say to that and his failed Republican supporters, he’s no different than Gibson with a “G”. Not much difference in the two.


Auslen a progressive? He absolutely does not strike me that way. Had a few conversations with him while he was filling my propane tanks. Good guy. Seems pragmatic. But you go ahead and support the Colonel, because he will have zero chance of winning a run-off with Gibson, which is where this race is headed. I believe that the current Trump led Republican Party would have called Ronald Reagan a RINO.

I didn’t say Auslen was a Progressive. That unfortunate fact goes to his wife. He is a center/left Democrat, masquerading as a weak centrist Republican. It is my hope he would continue to fill propane tanks for you and others. Your’re right, he talks a good game, he is a pragmatic Democrat, and is kind of a good guy.

You’re also right about a run-off in November, and that should scare the hell out of Gison and his supporters. Gibson WILL lose in November. Period.

Ronald Reagan was no RINO. He led with strength, was practical, levelheaded put the people of this nation first was respected throughout the world as the leader of this once great nation.

As for the current Democrat/Progressive led party, John F. Kennedy is turning over in his grave at the destruction his former party is bringing upon this nation. The Biden/Harris administration is worse than Jimmy Carter ever was and will go down in history as such. It will be well deserved. We need to stop the bleeding and start by getting rid of Gibson here locally. He needs to go.

“Ronald Reagan was no RINO. He led with strength, was practical, levelheaded put the people of this nation first was respected throughout the world as the leader of this once great nation.”

Reagan presided over the largest amnesty program for migrant laborers in the history of this nation. You know you would hate him for that if he were around today. And if alive today, I believe he would go even further by giving citizenship to the so called “illegals” who live here now. Reagan was a Chamber of Commerce Republican and those businesses thrive on cheap labor.

And, this nation is still great. Look it up.