Fire from homeless camp spreads near homes in San Luis Obispo

May 12, 2022


A fire that started at a homeless encampment in San Luis Obispo Thursday morning burned a quarter of an acre and spread close to homes.

The fire spread from the homeless camp in a creek bed behind homes on Chuparrosa Drive. The blaze was difficult for firefighters to access, yet they managed to keep it from spreading to nearby homes.

No one suffered any injuries as a result of the fire. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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News flash to the me-first crowd: It gets cold outside at night. And guess where people don’t start fires? In their own homes.

Nothing will ever change. You’re looking to fools to fix things.

More like, mansions built In an in- appropriate place with a failed infrastructure caught fire due to greed and diminished IQ, and a failed social society. Cry me a river.

Let’s just bail out the homeless like JP Morgan, Ford, GM, Haliburton, Exxon,Chase, Rex Tillerson etc, Bank of A**holes; and give em bonuses like PGE before they filed for bankruptcy after the camp fire. Oh wait. Ronald Reagan loved gays and hated HIV contracted STDs from homosexuals but hated mentally ill folks and veterans. Woops. Movie Star presidents. Or TV Stars. Homeless folks are a direct product of a failed society :(. My third mansion is burning; said the gaped rich person. Normal folks want the mansions to burn and loose out on no insurance in a fire prone zone. Let em eat cake.

isn’t it cheaper to institutionalize the homeless pyromaniacs than to fight their wildfires?

Pyromania. Yeah, that’s it. Good thinking.

Was anyone living at that encampment arrested? Arson is a serious crime, along with disturbing a wetland area, smoke damage to nearby properties, the trash that helped fuel the fire, and illegal camping. When are we going to get serious about the homeless problem?

Hey, how about that womanwhohasbeenthere? People get cold at night sleeping outside. Who woulda thunk?

Near tragedy averted… Now would be the time to learn from it….

I agree with you Rambunctious. Let’s get these people out of the creeks and off of the streets and into good affordable housing. First we have to build the housing though. See, I knew we’d agree on something sooner or later.

The Bob Jones Trail is already the main “highway” for the homeless. Good thing the city wants to spend millions to extend it….

Extending the trail will allow for all those currently living in tents in city parks to move on down the road.

The homeless have their own highway? Are they too good to use our highways? They don’t appreciate anything we do for them.