Inmates riot at Santa Barbara County Jail

May 26, 2022

Santa Barbara County Jail


Multiple inmates were involved in a large riot at the Santa Barbara County Main Jail on Sunday. [Independent]

Many inmates were forced out into the yard at the jail and were ordered to lie on the ground, a relative of an inmate said. Most of those inmates were pepper sprayed, said the source, who described the incident as a “very large riot.”

Tracy Macuga, the head of the Santa Barbara County Public Defender’s Office, said her department received information on Tuesday that a major incident occurred at the jail. The Public Defender’s Office was told that the incident was under investigation, and the jail would be on lockdown for the remainder of the week, Macuga said.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s officials have yet to publicly disclose what occurred at the Main Jail.

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If these idiots are going to do this crap then the prison should offer pay per view so the rest of us can laugh at them.