Memo to Dawn Ortiz-Legg: Stop the Adam Hill style corruption

May 17, 2022

Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg


In a speech accepting the governor’s appointment, Dawn Ortiz-Legg said she wanted to carry on the legacy of disgraced former San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill. Then she began her campaign to name a park after Hill.

Just ask Ortiz-Legg, she doesn’t see the solicitation of bribes for votes or the bullying as a big deal. Hill and her were close personal friends. He made her his planning commissioner where she argued for and then voted to approve Helios Dayspring’s River Road cannabis project.

Ortiz-Legg continued her support of Hill and cannabis even after the FBI raided the county building, Hill’s home and several politicians and businessmen he was affiliated with. Dayspring later pleaded guilty to bribing Hill for votes under an agreement he would help the feds with their ongoing SLO County corruption investigation, which appears to be a non-issues for Ortiz-Legg who wants to lower requirements and oversight of cannabis.

I believe cleaning up county corruption should be the Board of Supervisors’ top priority. And that those who are not paying bribes, should be able to get a permit to build a shed in less than two years.

Jeannette Watson is a retired school teacher who has lived in San Luis Obispo County for more than 20 years.

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Political Corruption and elected democrats go together like peanut butter and jelly…. That party is in need of a cleaning….

Vote her out.

Her stupid “hard hat” job creating promotional materials drove me up the wall. She has never been anything but a PR person and paid lobbyist, one of many you have to pay County Planning Department extortion money to to get your project even in the front door for review.

If we got rid of the corruption in San Luis Obispo County politics all positions would be vacant.

Here here. It’s easy to see that, but good luck telling either local diehard liberals or conservatives that their local elected officials are total corrupt POS who’ve destroyed SLO county worse than the Spanish, French, British and Portuguese coming here building missions and churches screaming Jesus hundreds of years ago enslaving and killing and raping natives; with evidence to corroborate this. Some people’s sense of self is bound to either western political propaganda culture or religion and can’t see past their nose. Lacking Common earthly Sense. As if earth is the only damn thing in infinity. Oy vey. Greed and sin.

She is wrong! It only takes 23 months to get a shed permit.

Actually, the plan was to name the new mental health facility at Prado for Adam Hill, but the idea was quickly dropped.

There is absolutely zero proof of corruption involving Ortiz-Legg. Zero.

Less than a month to go and the mud slinging accelerates!

No one said Ortiz-Legg is corrupt. She is also not the bully Adam Hill was and she is easy to approach.

But there is a serious problem with county corruption tied to cannabis and development. And the fact that Ortiz-Legg wants to continue the legacy of Hill and wanted to name anything after a cocaine addict who bullied other and used his position to line his own pockets shows she is not the best person to lead our county away from corruption.

While you call it mud slinging, I call it informing the public about what a public official has done and said while in office.

There is no corruption linked to Ortiz-Legg. None.

And what exactly does that mean that Dawn wants “to continue the legacy of Adam Hill”? She never officially proposed the naming opportunity.

Nothing here to see, folks. Just a desperate attempt to jump stop the failing Korsgaden campaign.

They should actually name the place across road on Prado after Adam Hill. It would be perfect because he was full of it.

Less than a month to go and the circling of the wagons by the Progressives to protect their own by deflecting and defending. Shame on you Daaaaavy.

It appears some are blinded by their own ideologies. It comes out way too often for you. But then again, what else is new.

“It appears some are blinded by their own ideologies.”


Proof you say? You mean the kind of proof that your side touted for four years about Russian collusion, only to find out out it was a big scam and construct of the Democratic Party and “never Trumpers?” After 40 million dollars of OUR money and an army of pro-Clinton lawyers and others… NOTHING but a couple of tax fraud and administrative actions against Trump supporters. Laughable but sad.

Dude, not withstanding Trumps obnoxious personality, you are on the wrong side of history. So, you’ll understand I hope when I say, your claim of “zero proof…” is not coming from a particularly objective place.

Jeanette is correct, this is another example of how evil Ortiz-Legg is. She thinks corruption and taking bribes is fine as long as it is fellow Democrats doing it. Wake up people, why aren’t you standing up for truth? Stop believing the lying propaganda. Know that ABC, NBC, CBS and MOST “news” stations are all pushing to destroy America. Remember Bruce Gibson signed a pledge to support the United Nations agenda to take control of the world when he was at a meeting in Santa Barbra. Vote him out! Vote all Democrats OUT! Remember who put Ortiz-Legg into office, vote him out too.

“Know that ABC, NBC, CBS and MOST “news” stations are all pushing to destroy America.”

Hogwash! What is your evidence? They didn’t like the bloated, bewigged tyrant who mistakenly won the presidency for four years. What else you got. Last time I checked, America’s news networks were dependent on advertising, which is a direct product of capitalism. Without it, they fail.

You obviously listen to Tucker, Sean and Laura way too much.

They might not be “pushing to destroy America”, but they are promoting the agendas and narratives the Progressive /Democrat/ Socialist party is trying to sale. They question nothing, investigate nothing and report nothing that their destructive policies are causing on this nation. Nor do any of them care. They are blatantly bias towards the leftist ideals and won’t stray from protecting this deceitful greed for power and control of these hypocrites. Someone needs to pull their head out of the sand and get a grip on reality regarding ALL media, especially the left-leaning zealots called mainstream media.

Jeanette, couldn’t agree with you more. Ortiz-Legg is one of the fruits of the poisoned tree that was Adam Hill, the most corrupt local elected official we’ve ever seen…