San Luis Obispo man dies after falling off cliff at Pirate’s Cove

May 31, 2022


A man died after falling off a cliff at Pirate’s Cove late Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Officials have identified the victim as San Luis Obispo man Troy Hathaway, 28. Hathaway fell at about midnight while individuals were partying on top of the cliff, sources close to Hathaway’s family say.

Hathaway reportedly died of blunt force trauma. An investigation into the death is ongoing.

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Did his quest for booty end with a tragic misstep, or was he abandoned by his cut-lass and mates? Argh, matey, the Cove isn’t for the faint of heart especially for a lonely swashbuckler tis this time of year. Best have a mate or two watching your back at night.

Tough spot. Somewhat obscure and out of the way away from the main beaches. Hard to monitor or respond to. Improvements would help, but i doubt get rid of the delinquency going on in that area :/