SLO police searching for woman with stolen credit cards

May 23, 2022


San Luis Obispo police are asking the public for help identifying a woman who is suspected of using stolen credit cards at several businesses on Sunday.

Police released two surveillance images of the woman, who was dressed in black and wearing a hat and mask. She appears to have been wearing Cal Poly gear, as well.

Investigators are asking anyone who has information about the suspect is to contact Officer Bravo at (805) 594-8081.


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Hey officer Bravo , clean up your voice mail because we know who she is but we can’t leave you a message… c’mon SLO PD we have tried to leave messages now for days and have yet to speak with the officer.

Whatever your political beliefs, wouldn’t you wear a mask if you were to use stolen credit cards?

My friend left her wallet somewhere, returned for it quickly but it was already gone. Within 15 minutes, the thief had used her card at three different stores. Luckily the bank cleared the charges but it was a hassle.

I hate thieves.

“My parents cut my cards off; What was I supposed to do, I needed those things!” – her, probably