Paso Robles limits outdoor watering to 3 days a week

June 11, 2022


Following a state mandate, the city of Paso Robles implemented water use restrictions, limiting outdoor irrigation to three days a week.

The new rules, which took effect Friday, place city residents in two zones. Zone 1 lies north of 13th Street, Creston Road, Sherwood Road and Linne Road. Zone 2 lies south of south of 13th Street, Creston Road, Sherwood Road and Linne Road.

In Zone 1, outdoor irrigation is allowed on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Outdoor irrigation is allowed on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays in Zone 2.

Landscape irrigation is now prohibited on Mondays. The new regulations also prohibit outdoor irrigation between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., as well as within 48 hours of measurable rain.

City officials say they are implementing the restrictions because of a State Water Resources Control Board mandate.

“The city of Paso Robles does not have or anticipate having an actual water shortage, however, to comply with the state’s requirements the city is implementing Level 2 water demand management measures” a city news release states.

Additionally, the State Water Resources Control Board banned irrigation of “non-functional” turf with potable water at commercial, industrial and institutional properties.

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No rain, for all intents and purposes, virtually ever… day-by-day, year-by-year, inexorably drawing down reservoir…

Um, err…

How about ZERO days per week?

We elect and pay handsomely representatives to run our state in a responsible manner… Not having enough stored water available for people and agriculture is a failure… When these elected folks fail to do their job they must be replaced… Period….

Find a way to store more water… It can be done…

What about golf courses as well? I love golf, but shouldn’t we all bare the burden of drought vs cherry picking; ie, screwing the normal people who suffer a mortgage and a 30 year investment? Firestone pumps Salinas water for it’s beer, the Resnicks own almond orchards and vineyards, Adelaide was asked by the gov to Post it’s well water data, now generally owned by billionaires who do not want to share their water usage? Paso is a BS sell our community to afford plush Gov pensions and jobs doing jack sht to help the average person. Our roads are a mess, our water is running out, yet we build and build and now want to shoot rockets out of residential areas brining in more rich educated folks screwing our locals even more with transplant folks who make 6 figures. Oy vey

No limit on how long they can water on those 3 days? AG is already fining home owners.

While the wineries pump and drill like crazy, 80%+ of water usage and Bruce Gibson looks to turn the entire basin over to Stewart Resnick and the Harvard University Endowment, drilling 3,000 ft deep wells and gleefully desicating the wells of rural residents, Chinatown, watch the movie, it is happening here, now. The Twisselmans are also a part of this, they feel this is their right and they own all the water.

Converting Diablo to a desalination plant would mitigate this problem. Unfortunately, the governor has his head up his ass on the merits of Diablo as a nuclear power facility. It’s too bad there wasn’t a legitimate Republican (who actually believed in climate change) running against him this year. They could certainly nail him on this issue.

Just not for big business, vineyards or Firestone. Just regular folks.

Good luck explaining logic to the new city manager and council. The Salinas river has been dead since 2008, last time steelhead ran it. Old city manager fled due to this.