Paso Robles police arrest student over alleged school shooting threat

June 6, 2022


Paso Robles police officers arrested a 13-year-old Daniel Lewis Middle School student over a school shooting threat he made, something the boy claimed was a joke.

At about 9 p.m. on Sunday, police officers learned of a threat directed at Daniel Lewis Middle School. A 13-year-old student had sent another student a photo of a handgun with a comment saying he was going to commit a school shooting the following day. Shortly afterwards, the teen walked back his comments, saying he was only joking, according to the Paso Robles Police Department.

Police launched an investigation and called in extra resources to probe the threat. Officers located the student and searched his room and cell phone. Police conducted the search in cooperation with the boy’s parents.

Investigators determined the photo of the handgun was a stock image obtained from the internet. The student told police he meant the threat as a joke.

Still, officers arrested the teen and booked him in juvenile hall for making a school threat.

Out of an abundance of caution, there was an increased police presence at local schools Monday morning, the police department said. Paso Robles police also thank individuals who reported the threat.

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Stop arresting kids. Stop putting them in handcuffs. Stop putting them into the court system. Just stop institutionalizing kids. Look, if this kid was a credible threat I’m not saying don’t take it seriously, but god damn it, we should have more imagination at problem solving than throwing cops at kids. Yes the schools need to take this seriously and even if it was only a stupid joke, which 13 year old boys can put on a master class for, this kid and his peers need to understand there is no room or tolerance for this BS, but traumatizing a kid with handcuffs and thoughts of going to jail is thoughtless, stupid, and inexcusable. The people of Paso Robles should be embarrassed they’ve put people so little imagination in charge of anything, especially their own children

Very well said BWJones. I wish I could give you more than one ^. I do not know what k-NUT and others want from a 13-year-old kid just being a dumb kid. I only hope the LE gang does not leave any trail of this incident in the records. Otherwise, this might come back to bite the kid as an adult. That would be unforgivable.

Joke or not there has to be some real punishment or this type of thing will continue.

I feel for the parents of this dumb child.