SLO County continues counting ballots, about 40% not counted

June 14, 2022


The San Luis Obispo County Clerk-Recorder’s Office tallied 8,044 ballots on Tuesday, which did not change the leaders in any local races.

With about 40% of ballots uncounted, it is still too early to call most San Luis Obispo County races. The clerk-recorder’s office has counted 53,570 ballots, while 34,768 remain uncounted.

Local election results as of Tuesday afternoon:

SLO County District 2 Supervisor

  • Bruce Gibson – 52.55%
  • Bruce Jones – 17.07%
  • Geoff Auslen – 16.80%
  • John Whitworth – 13.30%

SLO County District 3 Supervisor

  • Dawn Ortiz-Legg – 65.24%
  • Stacy Korsgaden – 31.53%
  • Arnold Ruiz – 3.23%

SLO County District 4 Supervisor

  • Jimmy Paulding – 57.13%
  • Lynn Compton – 42.87%

SLO County Clerk Recorder

  • Elaina Cano – 66.39%
  • James Baugh – 18.30%
  • Stew Jenkins – 15.32%

SLO County Superior Court Judge # 12

  • Mike Frye – 66.87%
  • Paul Phillips – 33.13%

Oceano fire tax (2/3 needed to pass)

  • Yes – 59.08%
  • No – 40.92%

County staff plans to continue counting ballots on Friday morning. CalCoastNews will provide election updates on Friday afternoon.

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I’ll tell you what, it doesn’t matter who you voted for, who’s leading, rather you’re gloating as a Progressive or pissed at the Republican failures, this current voting and counting process is NOT acceptable.

What a shame and a sham. There needs to be a rethinking of the way this is done nationwide. Anyone who is okay with this process and the time it is taking need their head examined. This is not right.

There was a relatively light voter turnout this time, I couldn’t imagine how long it will take in November. What a f…..g joke!

It is never perfect enough. It is never fast enough.

We live in a wonderful place. There is beauty all around us. Yet some are congenitally, chronically dissatisfied. Maybe northern Idaho is a better fit?

Yeah… this gives the people confidence in our elections… election day was 7 days ago…. people have been voting for weeks…. and some folks deliver ballots for other folks…

Good Job California….

“Too early to call most of the San Luis Obispo County races.”

True, but when you deal with these statistical margins and the number of votes left, you realize that all of these races are now over, save the Gibson/Auslen/Jones race. Even there, Jones and Auslen would have to win a very significant number of the remaining votes to force a runoff.

For all intents and purposes, these elections are over. As I have said before, the Patten Map appears to be a blessing to the liberals in the county. Debbie Arnold should be very worried in 2024, if she even chooses to run again. Who knew there were so many progressives in the city of Atascadero? I have noticed that the demographics have indeed changed in that city and it isn’t favorable to the current incarnation of the Republican Party.

What is taking so long, verification of signatures on vote-by-mail ballots? Or is there something else that us impatient deplorable laypeople are just too uninformed about? This process certainly doesn’t foster much citizen confidence and lauding for county government.