SLO officers accuse serial arsonist of setting fire to homeless encampment

June 14, 2022

Bradley Parrish


San Luis Obispo police officers arrested a serial arsonist for allegedly starting the fire that burned a homeless camp behind the Elks Lodge on Monday.

During late afternoon, officers on patrol saw smoke coming from the creek behind the Elks Lodge. San Luis Obispo firefighters arrived, quickly contained the blaze to 20 square feet and kept it from spreading to nearby motorhomes and trailers.

Police officers located Bradley Parrish close to the scene. Parrish, 52, is on parole and probation for multiple arson convictions, according to the SLO Police Department.

Officers arrested Parrish on several felony arson charges and booked him in the SLO County Jail. Parrish remains in custody with his bail set at more than $1 million.

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community wide fire pending

Why do they let guys that back on the street. They are a danger to everybody , including themselves.

Why do they let ANY of the crooks out?

The bill of rights, the constitution, etc.

Some of the things that prevent the US from becoming a fascist dictatorship with “camps” for the “undesirables”.

Perhaps china and their supply of transplantable body parts is what you are looking for?. Russia has some “fun” places where people go on “rest retreats” too.

OK, how about released too soon? Like Alexander Jay, 40 in Seattle who threw the lady down the stairs and broke three of her ribs and her clavicle. He had 22 prior CONVICTIONS of aggravated assault.

I was replying to someone else who said “ANY of the crooks” .

You are naming a single specific chronic offender in another state to try to prove me wrong somehow for some reason. Washington state has states rights so ask a King county voter, it’s their problem to deal with.

So ‘kettle’ respond to ‘fat chance’ with your opinion.



Except for those that “participated” in the Jan 6 “insurrection”

They are all are getting their day in court.

“the choices we make as individuals have consequences. Many, if not most of these individuals, have made bad choices…some, have mental health issues & need treatment. Our society has a serious problem with accountability (or lack there of) and entitlement. It is always someone else’s fault” – WeElPeople