Thieves assault Atascadero man during home invasion

June 2, 2022


Three masked men allegedly assaulted an Atascadero man during a home invasion robbery on the 5400 block of Capistrano Avenue on Thursday afternoon.

A female answered the door, and the three men, one armed with a handgun and another with a knife, pushed their way inside. Robbers then allegedly assaulted a man in the home while demanding cash.

The two residents were able to flee their home and ask a neighbor to call 911. After taking items, the suspects fled on foot.

Investigators describe the suspects as white male adults, one wearing a white tank top, one wearing a black jacket and one wearing a grey sweatshirt. The investigation is ongoing.

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Home invasion’s are common in Latin America, spiked fences and bard windows are very common too for a reason. Just know this very important lesson during a home invasion, stay in bed, don’t move, don’t risk getting off the first shot and live to see another day. This is what I have been taught while visiting family in Central America.

There’s has to be more behind this home invasion crime. We’ll see if there’s a follow up story with a motive.

Yeah, they were on drugs. Or more likely out of drugs and stealing to accommodate that habit.