Newsom declares state of emergency in Santa Barbara and Monterey counties

July 6, 2022

Alisal Fire


Gov. Gavin Newsom declared states of emergency in Santa Barbara and Monterey counties on July 1 to help the counties recover from large, destructive wildfires.

In Oct. 2021, the Alisal Fire burned 16,970 acres in Santa Barbara County, at times shuttering Highway 101. Three months later, the Colorado Fire scorched more than 600 acres in Monterey County, while shutting down Highway 1.

Newsom’s declaration enables the use of federal funds for highway repairs while also allowing those who lost work because of the Alisal Fires to apply for benefits.

“The emergency proclamations enable Caltrans to request immediate federal assistance for highway repairs or reconstruction in Santa Barbara and Monterey counties,” according to the governor’s office. “The emergency proclamation for Santa Barbara County directs the Office of Emergency Services to assist recovery efforts in the county pursuant to the California Disaster Assistance Act, and includes a provision to ease access to unemployment benefits for those unemployed as a result of the Alisal Fire.”

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Better get used to Newsom as he is likely to be our next president. Especially if the Republican candidate is Trump. Those lame recall efforts propelled Newsom into the national spotlight as someone who kicked the ass of those nasty Republicans who tried to defeat democracy with their foolish recall attempt based on nothing more than being a sore loser in a legitimate election. Recall should be reserved for politicians who commit heinous crimes, like Trump.

wonder if he did it from his vacation in Montana – you know one of the states he declared a no travel state (for everyone but him apparently)?

Wow Newsom, he is declaring a State of Emergency so that he can sprinkle our money all over! This means he is giving money away for votes. What a country, no need to have an open tab at the bar, we get a blank check signed by Newsom instead. Isn’t this guy great, NOT! What happened to the communist plot accusers?, we need them now.

I get it; but it seems so odd we must declare a “state of emergency” just to get that funding. Feels misleading and manipulative. Guess that’s politics for you :/