Paso Robles schools installing security cameras

July 9, 2022


Amid issues with drug use and vandalism on school campuses, the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District is upgrading surveillance systems on three campuses to help quell vandalism and vaping.

Over the summer break, staff will be installing surveillance cameras and vape sensors at the Paso Robles High School, Lewis Middle School and Flamson Middle School campuses. The vape sensors, not cameras, will be installed in restrooms.

The upgraded cameras will have face recognition and the ability to film license plates. The district has allotted $315,870 to cover the cost of installing the upgraded security systems.

Last month, vandals started a fire and painted graffiti at Lewis Middle School. Also in June, Paso Robles police arrested three Daniel Lewis Middle School students for allegedly bringing multiple replica weapons and a knife to school.

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Does a armed security guard part of the upgrade as it should be if not already and after cameras installed have a program to make sure they work all the time

Let’s hope they have better luck with cameras than Arroyo Grande, I understand a large number of the cameras around Soto Sports complex dont work, and we already know the ones around city hall seem to fail when needed. I guess it’s a deterrent to just have them mounted but when everyone realizes most dont work are they still a deterrent?